Mother's Day: Honoring the Divine Mother in Every Woman

with a Sri Chakra Sacred Fire Ceremony to receive the blessings of the Divine Mother




This Mother's Day bless the women in your life with a Sri Chakra fire ceremony to receive the blessings of the Divine Mother

“The Divine Mother has shown me that She resides in every woman.”
~ Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa

Mother's Day Celebration 
Sri Chakra Sacred Fire Ceremony

Offer a Coconut


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"A mother's love is immortal, forever and ever."

~ Sri Kaleshwar



"The worship of even one spark of the Divine Mother in our earthly mother leads to greatness." 

~ Vivekananda



"It doesn't matter if your mother is alive or not, if you do a good job in your mother's name (charity, dharma, taking care of loved ones, others), yes, you made it. Your journey is made. Your austerities are made. 99% of your japas (mantra repetition), your fire pujas  (ceremonies), your journeys, you’re very close. Once you win your mother’s heart, automatically you get enlightened."

~ Sri Kaleshwar



“The Sri Chakra is the highest magnet for wealth, name and fame and the fulfillment of all desires. If you see the Sri Chakra once the energy of the Sri Chakra will give them to you.”  

~ Sri Kaleshwar

Join us on Sunday, May 13, 2018, for a live streaming Sri Chakra Fire Ceremony honoring the energy of the Mother in all women. 

Before the fire ceremony, there will be bhajans and satsang at the dhuni. During the Sri Chakra fire ceremony each woman’s name will be read aloud over the fire as the conch is blown, a coconut (charged with your desires) and flowers are offered to the fire as mantras are chanted. This process powerfully invokes the Divine Mother’s presence. Her blessings flow to all those present, to those who are being prayed for, and to the whole creation.
Please join us for this very special event to honor all the women in your life and the divine feminine in all woman.

The women you gift with the Sri Chakra Ceremony will be sent a beautiful Mother’s Day e-card letting them know of the blessing they will receive. This e-card includes instructions on how to watch the fire ceremony live on Mother’s Day.


Celebrating Mothers & The Divine Mother 

Sunday, May 13, 2018 

Free Live Streaming (Pacific Time) 

2:00 - 3:00 pm Healing Music (Bhajans)

3:30 - 4:30 pm Satsang with Monika Penukonda and Nityaananda (Clint Thompson, MD)

5:00 - 6:00 pm Sri Chakra Sacred Fire Ceremony (Puja) 

Watch live on our homepage, YouTube, or Facebook


Sacred Fire Ceremonies (Pujas) are an ancient healing technology that connects with the sacred feminine. Fire ceremonies create uplifting, nurturing energy that manifests prayers and desires. They send love, healing, and blessings across  any distance.  The Sri Chakra Fire Puja utilizes the mantras, prayers, and yantra from the Sri Chakra energy system to connect with the creative force of God, the Divine Mother, and receive Her blessings for what you want and need. 

The Sri Chakra is the Divine Mother’s womb. Her womb is where everything manifests; when you connect to the Divine Mother’s womb, your thoughts and  sankalpams  (intentions) become real.  Through Her womb, with her blessings, everything is brought forth into being. 

Ancient healing technology works in such a way that you and the women you love don't have to be physically present -  or watch  the live  broadcast as it's  happening -  to receive the energy blessings.   

Include yourself and the women you love by offering a coconut. You'll be joining with like-hearted people around the world focusing their attention and prayers at the same time to uplift women and connect with the Divine Mother. Her blessings will be flowing.


Soul Gifts for Sacred Women
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Please register for special blessings by Friday, May 11, 2018.  Thank you!



Special 10 Minute Process To Do At Home

Before the Mother's Day Sacred Fire Ceremony Begins: 
Sit quietly for 10 minutes and peacefully think about happy memories with the special women in your life from your childhood through today.  Think on any moments with them that touch your heart. Imagine ‘replaying’ these moments like a video in your mind. You may have many moments or just focus on a single touching moment. Your mother's and these special women's soul energy is always available to you waiting to love, nurture, and protect you. This is connecting you to them, even if they are no longer living. 


Mother's Day 2018 Celebration 

A mother's love, a woman's love, is the greatest divine gift. 

Honor your Mom and the Divine Women in your life with a powerful Sri Chakra Fire Puja.



Receive more than 50% off each additional Sri Chakra Coconut blessing for the women in your life after your first purchase. Instructions on how to give additional Sri Chakra blessings at the special rate will be available after you register.


Love is the beginning of every miracle.

Pray for others. Pray for peace. Pray with love. 

Please join us in creating  positive energy to uplift women everywhere!