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‘Sri Kaleshwar Bhajans Book’ by Gustav Vigneshwara



The senses are the essences of Brahma Consciousness – listening the music, looking at beauty, tasting it, smelling it. These things directly impact the heart and the soul. For example, you hear the most melodious music. You’re hearing through your ears, it’s touching your heart, you’re starting to cry.  You’re seeing some beautiful amazing scenery, your heart starts to melt. Then automatically your heart doors open.  When it touches your heart and your soul door opens, then your tears will start. What is happening there? It is nothing but pure consciousness melting with your heart. This type of sensitivity you need to learn and create – the caring nature. Once you start to have a caring nature, automatically your consciousness will start to grow unbelievably.  These two major things –– seeing and hearing - are the top two qualities in our spiritual growth. Once if you taste something most delicious then it touches you, ‘Ah, such a beautiful taste.’  It’s called the essences of Brahma Consciousness.



Shiva Sai Mandir Bhajans Songbook



Thank you for the beautiful experience today. The people were really affected by the open heartedness and love and were definitely touched that you were there for them--they truly felt you. There was all kinds of urban activity streaming past our windows and it felt awesome to be singing out not only to the Cafe community but 'into the city' as well. Every single person commented on the peace and nature vibrations they that they felt coming through from Laytonville. I hope we can do this again. The folks at the Cafe will welcome it. -Patricia S. Seattle WA


Comments from Recovery Café participants:

We are all so grateful that you came with peaceful loving hearts to sing for us.

Your enthusiasm is infectious.

I feel healed and calmer.

The bhajans are wonderful.

We'd love to have bhajans again.

What are Kaleshwar Bhajans?

Bhajans are devotional singing to God.

Skill and capacity to play an instrument are not necessary to sing bhajans.  The purity of the singers love and intention creates the special fragrance of Kaleshwar Bhajans.  Sri Kaleshwar taught that the Divine provides the energy, and the lead singer uses this energy to guide the song through phases; starting quietly, building into climax, and finally dissolving into silence.

Before I come to start any program, I have the people sing a song like ‘Om Nama Shivaya’  When they keep on singing and listening, their mind comes in one certain frequency, and everything settles down.  It brings a huge relief.  Then, when you bring the energy higher, easily they can understand (deeper level teachings).  If I start immediately without doing the bhajans, it takes a huge energy for everyone to understand.


Singing Bhajans is a Path of Self-Healing

When we listen to a beautiful song, the heart opens naturally in response to the vibrations. Singing bhajans is a powerful practice of self-healing. Listening to and singing bhajans creates immediate peace and happiness. Bhajans give us a palpable experience of divine love, and are one of the pathways to realizing God.

Self-Healing is a very important subject, especially for healers, because a healer has to be happy, full of shakti and emotionally balanced and needs strong protection circles to work on the planet.


How To Use Love and Devotion to Make Your Spiritual Process Stronger

Bhajans are one of the most powerful ways to develop unconditional love.  Experiencing devotion through bhajans opens and heals the heart, and gives a direct experience of God’s love and bliss. Bhajans help develop our divine qualities such as humility, gentleness and openheartedness.

Whoever kills egoism, ‘I did this, I am a great healer;’ who kills this, will know who he is.  Whenever you surrender with an open determined heart for the Almighty work, the Almightly will make you (into) a beautiful nectar.


Experience The Power of Bijas and Prayer

Kaleshwar Bhajans are prayers sung in ancient Sanskrit and Telugu.  These prayers are made up of ‘bijas’, or seed sounds, high divine vibrations. Bijas are so powerful that God created the universe with them.  When we sing Bhajans, we are connecting through sound to the vibrations that give Creation form. When bhajans are sung with pure love, the capacity to merge with God is experienced by singers and listeners alike.

If you would know what you sing, you would already be on a different level.


Experience the Healing Power of Bhajan

The best way to experience bhajans is to listen and sing along with them! If you would like to receive more information and support on how to start your own devotional bhajan practice, please contact us. Here are some helpful links and resources to begin or deepen your bhajan practice today.


Prerecorded Bhajans

For more about Sri Kaleshwar's teachings about bhajans and the 'Penukonda style' of singing them please see Shiva Sai Mandir Music.

Bhajans as Community Service

Our Healing Center’s ‘Baba’s Bhajan Band’ gives live concerts to bring healing and upliftment to the local community of Mendocino county, California. We also stream concerts via live webcasts for our global community.

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