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After you have enough things, then the remaining overflow of that wealth, try to spread it. Give it. That blessing you are receiving protects you. It takes cares of you.

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Wealth is the means to fulfill the dharma. Give one and receive tenfold. ~ Shirdi Sai Baba



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Charitable Programs:


Feeding People Like Baba (VIDEO)


Sri Kaleshwar on Helping, Sharing and Caring


Testimonials from Charitable Works Community





Do not stand on a high pedestal and take five cents in your hand and say, "Here, my poor man," but be grateful that the poor man is there, so that by making a gift to him you are able to help yourself. It is not the receiver that is blessed but the giver. Be thankful that you are allowed to exercise your power of benevolence and mercy in the world, and thus become pure and perfect.  ~ Swami Vivekananda

Charitable Programs

Be a Part of these Charity Programs Serving the Local and Global Community!

Each time we lend a helping hand we make a difference in someone’s life. Charitable works are an important part of the Divine Lineage Healing Center’s works. A team of seva (selfless service) volunteers and heartful donors from around the world make all our charitable activities possible. Be a part of the Divine Lineage charitable programs. It is everyone’s dharma (right action) to take care of others. Together we can bring joy and love to the lives of many people who desperately need help and support.

We believe that money is to be used for dharmic purposes. After taking care of our needs, we must share what we have. When we give to the Divine, we receive ten fold back. Whatever we have now is the result of what we have previously given. 


Feeding and Essential Items for the Homeless

Cooking hearty homemade soups and providing durable blankets and warm socks at Willits Daily Bread, a local soup kitchen.



Supporting Our Local Charities

Taking caring of several local food banks as well as Healthy Start providing food and milk for children and families in need within Mendocino, California. 


Program Scholarships

Financial support for remote teaching and meditation programs sharing spiritual knowledge and promoting lasting healing, peace and love.



Community Building

Supporting teachers, healers, and spiritual communities the USA and around the globe.



 Sai Shakti Healing Center, Hohenwarth, Germany


Learning Telugu - Sponsorship Programs

Financial support for serious students to learn Telugu and Sanskrit, the sacred languages of the palm leaf manuscripts.



Community Bhajans

Our Healing Center’s ‘Baba’s Bhajan Band’ gives live concerts to bring healing and upliftment to the homeless and underprivileged of Mendocino county, California. We also stream concerts via live webcasts for our global community incuding monthly broadcasts for the Recovery Cafe in Seattle, WA.




 Healing Music (Bhajans) Concert at Willits Daily Bread



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Make your online purchases into donations to help support the Divine Lineage Healing Center. You pay the same price as you normally would and the merchant donates a percentage of your online purchases to the Divine Lineage Healing Center. All gifts and donations are fully tax deductible as allowed by law. 

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Feeding People Like Baba (VIDEO)

with Kirsten Thompson (Shakti) and Cindy Savage (of Willits Daily Bread)

Experiencing the joy and divine blessings of taking care of others the way Shirdi Baba loved to do. 




Sri Kaleshwar on Helping, Sharing and Caring

You ate the food, you have no more hunger. Whenever you have no hunger, try to think on the people around you who are hungry. Take care of them. That is humanity. Whenever you take care of somebody’s hunger, that soul automatically blesses you. Whenever a person is really thirsty, starving for water, if you give a glass of water to him, after he drinks it, at that moment you are God to him. He really cares for you. He really blesses you heartfully. You need to do that. 

My final golden statement, “Help ever, hurt never.” It is very important. And, at least in your life try to make a hundred people happy, really happy – really take care of them. In a month, two or three souls, really help them. Even though you are super busy, any angle whatever you can do, try to help. Do some charity works. Go to old age homes and do some service there. Go to mentally retarded children places and do some service there. If you don’t have the time, at least spend a little of your money and give them some fruits, some food, some clothes.

Take care of the poor, give peace in the world. That's enough, it will protect you and automatically you will receive every ability. Do that. Please do that. It will heal you of any problem. Help, help the poor, create peace in the world. We are all one. No religion, our religion is humanity, our religion is true love. Understand that. 

Everybody needs to create peace on the globe. Everybody needs to take care of someone’s pain. Do whatever you can to help those around you who are really suffering and in pain. Don’t neglect them. Don’t neglect them. We need to take care of each other.  


Testimonials from the Charitable Works Community:

"Willits Daily Bread is very fortunate to have The Church of Divine Lineage in our community. They have been donating food and money to our program for many years now. Helping us with our mission to feed the hungry. I am so amazed by the fact that just when our cupboards are bare, I will get a text from Shakti asking us, “what do we need?” We are so thankful and grateful for all you do." Cynthia L Savage, Executive Director, Willits Daily Bread (November 7, 2016)

“We are thrilled that Divine Lineage and its members are willing to sponsor our program for seniors.  Since we rely on grants and donations from the community, it’s individuals like you who keep our organization up and running. Thank you for your continued support.”  - Jayma Shields, Coordinator, Laytonville Healthy Start

"As President of the Board of Directors of the Fort Bragg Food Bank, I want to thank you for the generosity you have shown with your most significant donation. As each year passes we find ourselves facing increased demand for food and less public money available. Thank you for providing some of the extra funding that we need to close the gap and prevent our Coast’s Clients from going to bed hungry."  - Thom Adams, President, Mendocino Food and Nutrition Program, The Fort Bragg Food Bank

"I have new folks signing in every month. Every month I am hugged and thanked.  These folks are so grateful for the small amount I am able to offer them. These hugs are meant for you. I wish I could give you each and every one of them. Thank you for the opportunity to help these grateful people."  - Joyce Selix, Leggett Food Bank

“Dr. Clint Thompson and his wife Kirsten, through their work at the Divine Lineage of Laytonville, CA, have been supporting the feeding and clothing programs at the Willits Daily Bread since 2010.  Those of us that work at the Willits Daily Bread and the diners that come to eat here, appreciate all that the Divine Lineage have done for us. The blankets and socks they provide are among the favorites for the needy in our community.  With the funding cuts from many of our sources the food they provide to fill our pantry and freezer is such a blessing for us, and I always receive many compliments on the soup that Kirsten brings. It is a healthy and hardy meal.”  - Cindy Savage, Willits Daily Bread

“Without the Thompson’s support, or from the members of the Divine Lineage, our Family Resource Center’s programs would suffer—it is because of their support that we are able to provide services to the hundreds of families and individuals from the Laytonville area.”  - Jayma Shields, Coordinator, Laytonville Healthy Start

"Your monthly donations have been a godsend, helping make it possible for us to continue our weekly distribution of nutritious food to Mendocino County residents in need.  With this sustaining support we have been able to maintain our level of service even throughout the worst years of the recent deep recession."  - Nancy Severy, Executive Director, Mendocino Food and Nutrition Program, The Fort Bragg Food Bank