Love is oxygen for the soul.


Being Love

It is everyone’s duty to create a better world. Be loving. Be kind. Create happiness everywhere you go. Help one another through simple acts of kindness each day. Bringing love and healing to the globe begins with each of us. Opening our hearts to show kindness or to relieve another person’s... Learn More


Charitable Programs

You have to go help. You have to take care. You need to develop your heart and your soul as a helping nature. Without your notice, your mind and your heart and your soul will turn as a man of love, a person of pure love.  Wherever pure true love is there, there is God.  Without your notice He will stay in you.  He’s around you ... Learn More


Music = Love

When we listen to a beautiful song, the heart opens naturally in response to the vibrations. Singing bhajans is a powerful practice of self-healing. Listening to and singing bhajans creates immediate peace and happiness. Bhajans give us a palpable experience of divine love, and are one of the pathways to realizing God... Learn More

Whenever you create love around you, you’ll be healthy and protected. No matter what, the Almighty will protect you. There are millions of orphans, blind people, aged people, wounded people, all kinds of diseased people. There’s no guarantee you’ll be healthy tomorrow. Whenever you’re protecting needy people, God will protect you. Feeding a hungry person is protecting them. You’re giving a small piece of bread and relieving their hunger. That’s God’s gift to you. God has given a chance for you to be healthy and feed that hungry soul then that person feels happy. Their soul automatically will bless you, ‘God bless you.’ That person doesn’t even have to say thank you. Whenever you are taking care of the people around you, God will take care of you.

Jesus & Mary

Kaleshwar's Corner






Love is a gift of one’s innermost soul to another so both can be whole. ~ Buddha

A new command I give you: Love one another. As I have loved you, so you must love one another. ~ Jesus

Through Love Truth, Right Judgment, and Peace Naturally Arise

Whenever you care for another and give love, truth is there. Whenever truth is there, your judgment will be very pure. Whenever there is correct judgment, there is peace.

If you keep giving love, it will become easy to forgive. Just keep giving love, don’t expect love back. Just keep giving it, whatever the circumstance. If you sincerely practice this for some time, it will really change your life. Then if someone irritates you, or gets angry with you, you, just smile, be happy and give love. Then see how much love comes into your life.

Sri Kaleshwar on Unconditional Love

Love is a practice

Try to make the people around you happy. You don't need to be a miraculous person, giving miracles. How many blind people did Jesus heal? Ok, he (healed the blind), yes, he understood the mechanism. But he stepped back again to the true love.  We need to understand true love and a forgiving nature. We can change the planet through love. We can change the planet through forgiveness. But we have to stand for the truth and love with a determined heart.

Try to think positively all the time. Don’t worry about your problems. Try to help around you as much as you can. It helps you. That’s why we are here. Don’t be too much only for yourself, for your selfishness. How long can you be selfish? Where is the limit for your selfishness?  

Tune your mind in a positive way, and all of your life will be in a beautiful positive way.

Breathe in the positive; live in the positive. Creativity and positivity. Try to create the positive inside and outside. Tell only positive things. In every conversation try to be neutral or positive about people being talked about instead of commenting or listening to others commenting negatively in gossip. 

Each week, even if you're super busy, try to spend 1 to 2 hours dedicated to helping others. If you have $100 in your pocket, give $5-$10 and feed the hungry. It’s good to take care. When you really take care and feed a hungry person, definitely his heart will feel, ‘Thank you. God bless her.’ You need it. A broken-hearted person, you don’t need to do anything, just simply sit and listen to what he’s saying. Let him cry. Just listen. Give your time and share your love. If you care, you have to share.  

Religions are different, languages are different, but the language of the heart is the same. Our language is the language of the heart. God only has one organization and that’s love — the religion of love.