Whoever really wants to become a powerful healer to pull the people’s pain, their negative energy, to take care of their souls, to really help them—this is a doctorate in spirituality. To be honest, this is a Ph.D. program. More than this, we can’t see anywhere in the universe. ~ Sri Kaleshwar

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To any problem, there’s a solution to that.  Even though there’s a terrible problem, there’s a terrible darkness, through the knowledge you can remove it.  Something, somewhere there’s a short cut to fix it.  Even though it’s a tough problem, it means somewhere, some place, some corner a solution is born, is there, but you should find it.  You should find it.


The soul has incredible knowledge, power, and capacity. Everybody’s soul can do wonders in the universe. There is no difference between my soul and your soul. Every soul is equal. But to access that knowledge, that power, that capacity, you have to do certain processes in your life.