Power Objects

Where power is hidden; how power acts in nature, how to implement that energy in you, how to use that energy, how it can help the world, which form it is in, how it is hidden in power objects, how it acts in power objects, how you can become a power object to the world. Jesus is a power object to the world. Shirdi Baba is a power object to the world. You can become a power object to the world.

Power Objects Transmit Energy to Your Soul

Throughout his life, Sri Kaleshwar taught of the importance of having power objects and charged yantras surrounding us in our homes. They are necessary to create protection circles, maintain high divine vibrations, and protect us, our homes and work places from negative influences and vibrations. They bring material and spiritual success and fulfillment. Power objects and yantras are integral to the implementation of the ancient palm leaf manuscript knowledge.

In every person’s life, a few things are very important: personal mantra, power spot, power object, soul object, personal process and a soul mate. These are 100% necessary. Even though we all came from the One, until you reach the One, you need to create your oneness by carrying all these things with you. It’s the most important to create the balance.

Why Power Objects Are Necessary

From Sri Kaleshwar’s Teachings 

You might think, ‘Why do I need a power object?’ If you want to cross the river, you need a small boat with a small stick or a little branch. It’s one hundred percent necessary.

In India, you see huge Shiva Temples. In Kalahasti—that gigantic temple—there’s one beautiful rock, a Shiva lingam. In that gigantic temple, why did they fix only that small rock there? What is the significance? It’s vibrating. Those vibrations are required to charge your soul enough. To charge your soul, such type of magnetic vibrating stones, magnetic power objects are very, very necessary.

Power objects can pull certain things in front of you; certain things (the power object) can make it happen in a proper way. If you know how to operate a power object, you are a spiritual genius. Once you begin operating it, the energy will start to multiply millions of times in you. You can connect to Mother Divine through any power object. Mother Divine stays in power objects. Generally all supernatural power objects automatically have siddhi powers. Each power object has siddhis. That´s another big statement. Those siddhis, regardless whether you practice or don’t practice, they will come, they will effect on your soul, then they will implement in the world. You can implement those siddhis in the world. Power objects are one of the shortest, shortest, shortest methods to connect with high divine souls like Shirdi Baba and Jesus and to Shiva and Shakti, the Mother and Father very, very, very easily.

Power Objects Store Meditation Power

From Sri Kaleshwar’s Teachings 

Power object is power-plus-object. In ancient days, people had huge energy. They meditated doing a process to channel high positive energy. Suppose I make a hundred million dollars. Where do I put the money? In the bank. Suppose I got a huge treasure. Where I put the treasure? Somewhere safe. In the previous days, there were no banks. Meditators had huge energy and power and want to keep their power in something. When they wanted to hide their power, they took a rock or a statue and held it and meditated with it. They sent some energy in that then buried it.

How to recognize a power object? When you touch it immediately you feel such strong peace in you. When you hold it, when you meditate with it, you’re pulling a complete high trance state in you. Such a glorious joy you’re bringing in you. You don’t know why but you’re so feeling so pleasant. High pleasant. It’s a new energy to you. You’re holding and you’re getting such a joy. It means you can easily say, “Hey, this is something so special."

Accessing the Energy of a Power Object

Each power object has a pin code that is necessary to know to access and implement its energy. When holding some power objects in your hands while meditating, the energy will automatically affect you. But when you have the pin code, it opens up the higher level of energy. Your personal mantra links to and opens the energy channel to almost all power objects. 

Additional Points About Power Objects


Whenever you are meditating, just keep your power object around you. It´s good.


Whenever you’re sleeping, power objects are most useful. Just keeping them in your bedroom and sleeping with them. You have no idea how much that energy lifts your soul. Step by step, it lifts it.


Whenever you want to connect, just meditate and whatever power object you received from your master, hold it, connect to him. – Then you can give the healings (shaktipat). People can hold it, they can touch it and they can meditate with it unless it’s something Mother Divine gave, or you made it / received in the most powerful way during certain processes.


Jyotir lingam in pool of amruta, 2002 Penukonda, India

Shirdi Baba with the Crystal Cross, 2003 Penukonda, India

Soul Object - A Mirror to Your Soul

From Sri Kaleshwar’s Teachings

You need a soul object. Your soul object is a mirror to your soul. It will answer to your soul. It is a key to your soul. Once you manifest your soul object, your soul will start to open the door to your soul. But you have to know how to operate it. You need to use it and develop it. If you ignore it, it will ignore you. Put the concentration. It will fulfill your work through its energy.

All the concepts of my teachings link with your soul object. A soul object allows you to communicate with your soul mate. Once you have your soul object with you, then automatically you start to know within nine full moons, and maximum 21 full moons, your soul mate. You will recognize your soul mate automatically.

What are the benefits of having a soul object? It makes your Brahma Consciousness strong, strong, strong. If you don’t have your soul object in your life, it’s very difficult to protect your soul to not get disturbed with the crazy environment of illusions and crazy vibrations.
Once you have a soul object, you will never get depressed. You’ll win all the blocks. There’s no chance the illusions can play around you. No chance. Whoever has a soul object, their spirituality is 99% percent done. That is a standard law.

Automatically your soul object will tell the master’s energy how many times you need to open your heart. Once your heart is really open, the drops of nectar will start to flow to your soul. Then your soul will start to feel how beautiful its fragrance is, and the taste of that fragrance, too. You’ll feel that rhythm of your soul. Then it will start to show a mirror where your soul mate is and how to communicate to your soul mate.

Your soul object is a part of an unbelievable energy to give blessings and healings to the globe and help take out pain from a lot of people. Once you have the soul object, it means you have your knife to go to the battlefield of the illusions. It’s pretty good done. You know how to fight the illusions. You don’t need Swami anymore. No need to hang around me. You can go.

When you are in the physical form, you have to win a soul object. The bottom line, if you have both a soul object and a soul mate, you won’t feel dark and light. It’s serious. Night and day, suffering and happiness, you won’t feel it. You can’t tell which is which. All the time it is like that, you can’t tell which one is up and down. Everything is constant.

Soul Objects Still Available

The Healing Center offers special pujas with soul objects that were created personally by Sri Kaleshwar during his last visit to the Center. He said then that “future students would need them.” Supplies are limited.

Soul Object Pin Code

The soul object pin code is part of the Holy Womb Chakra Process.  Please look up charging and other information on this in the “Holy Womb Process transcript “

Sri Kaleshwar holding the Alahala Lingam 

Power Objects with Blessing Transmissions

Special pujas with power objects are a powerful way to receive energy directly to your soul to bless you with spiritual boons, to purify the effects of negative karmas, and bring lasting healing. This is only possible through the blessings of Sri Kaleshwar and the Divine Lineage of masters.

Power Objects Created by Sri Kaleshwar

It is a blessing to have a power object created by a divine soul. It is a gift of their soul energy and meditation power. They are infused with his soul’s energy. Sri Kaleshwar created these objects with the intention they be available for students of the ancient knowledge after his mahasamadhi. We are offering several types of power objects – soul objects, special rudraksha beads, Shiva lingams, jewelry, gemstones, and other holy objects. Supplies are limited.