Books & Transcripts

Readings on the ancient knowledge to feed the heart and awaken the soul.


Sri Sai Satcharitra, by Hemadpant

This new rendering of the Sri Sai Satcharitra by the Divine Lineage’s Spiritual Director, Monika of Penukonda, makes the language of this sacred text more accessible to modern English speakers. "The benefits of regular readings of the Satcharitra are innumerable." Get ebook here.


Kaleshwar Volume 1, by Monika of Penukonda

This book shares a first-hand account of life with Sri Kaleshwar by Monika of Penukonda. She lived with Sri Kaleshwar in India from the beginning of his teaching mission in 1997 until his mahasamadhi in 2012. Get eBook here.


Sri Kaleshwar and Me, by Gary Taylor

"This book shares impressions and experiences of the most remarkable and important ten years of my life. This is the story of how my “real life” finally began thanks to my greatest friend, Dr. Sri Kaleshwar. He is a uniquely modern saint considered by India to be a national treasure." Get eBook here.


Sri Kaleshwar’s Final Messages Before His Mahasamadhi

"My message today is, if you do your dharma, right dharma, the Guru Parampara will give the guidance. Shanti automatically will come. Peace. Whenever peace comes, prema will automatically come too. It's enough to create the wisdom, creativity." Get transcript here.


The Holy Womb

"All the souls were first created in the Divine Mother’s womb. Every creation, every soul, is linked with the Mother’s womb. Mother Divine is the Mother to every soul in this universe. After understanding God and taking the fundamentals of God, we can take off using the Nature. In Nature, we can create incredible supernatural things." Get transcript here.