Ancient Knowledge  Solutions for Modern Times

Knowledge is an ocean. Each small molecule of the knowledge, especially Eastern knowledge, is power. It’s a diamond. Please, consider that, and in your life connect to that. Yes, you can connect the Divine Mother, Divine Father, Jesus and many divine souls in a lot of angles. No doubt on that.

Real Solutions for Every Problem

The Spiritual Seed Started in India
By Sri Kaleshwar 


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It’s not my knowledge. It’s the knowledge of the supernatural saints. These are the kinds of formulas we have: knowledge from 3,000 years back. This is the first time it’s being brought out. It’s completely the first time. Now it can be used. My mission, my ambition, is to grow the knowledge fast. I am giving formulas of the supernatural energies. They are a short cut to get Divine Grace in a short time. I want to spread this knowledge. Then everybody can smell the fragrance of God.

In the knowledge, what you learned the processes and what you’ve been through, I sincerely recommend don’t get anywhere compromised. The knowledge that you received try to use in the society for the good. Whenever you’re using the energy, the channels, in any negative way for your own selfishness, on that day you will lose that energy.

Every soul has the potential to reach the level of a Shirdi Baba or Jesus and contribute amazing things to the world. Everybody can do it. That’s my golden statement. That’s my mission. Everybody’s equal. What did Jesus Christ say? ‘Who really trusts in me — they will become more powerful than myself.


Thank you so much for giving me such an invaluable source of knowledge. I’m forever and ever grateful. The teachings on the audios and videos are remarkable. No words to describe. I.S., Bavaria, Germany

I am so happy to be taking the Maheshvari Yoga program. I am feeling the sweetest spiritual energy I think I have ever experienced. It just kept building during the call. Such a beautiful transmission and incredible knowledge. Thank you for sharing this. S.G., Santa Monica, CA


You Are Capable of Miraculous Things

You need the keys to unlock the power inside you. The keys are in the immortal knowledge given millions of years ago by Mother Divine to the seven ancient sages, the saptarishis, and the enlightened masters, the divine lineage. This ancient knowledge, which was written on palm leaf manuscripts, has been passed down from master to student since time immemorial. Until now, it has only been given to a few. Now it is available to everyone. It is about supernatural empowerment. It is necessary now, it is the time that humanity is taking a huge evolutionary leap, waking up and coming out of the darkness. 

The saints wrote down the information Mother Divine revealed to them, the ‘pin codes’ to Her creation, on manuscripts of palm leaves. This information contains the pin codes to unlock every soul’s potential. These codes, sacred formulas of mantras and yantras, are the keys to operate and step out of the matrix of illusion we are caught in. There is no need to repeat 30 pages of a prayer, just three words, the pin code, are equal in power.

Previously these manuscripts were hidden from the world. They have been handed down through the lineages of saints in India, protected and kept secret. Only a few were given access. Now the time has come to utilize this knowledge to help the world in this time of great need. This knowledge reveals the formulas to unlock and develop a direct personal channel to the Divine.

To understand this creation, birth and death and everything running between them, is the ultimate research that a person can undertake. Science has undertaken one level of research. But to recognize God, to see God, to communicate with God, to demonstrate miracles, and give that experience to someone else, that is the ultimate research. That is the research of a soul scientist. That is the information written on the palm leaves. Every person can do it. 

To receive authentic divine knowledge, to receive that blessing from God, first you need dedicate your life to helping others.

Ancient Knowledge  Real Solutions for Every Problem

Through the ancient knowledge any soul can become a powerful channel of divine cosmic energy to help others. This knowledge gives the solutions to problems in every aspect of human life. 

The ancient knowledge reveals how to:

  • Awaken a woman’s Divine power
  • Permanently open a channel to the cosmic energy
  • Experience trance meditation easily
  • Develop healing abilities
  • Decharge negative energies & influences
  • Overcome the ‘inner enemies’ of unworthiness, anger, jealousy, anxiety, depression, self doubt
  • Heal heartbreak
  • Experience true happiness 
  • Create living spaces to bring prosperity, healthy relationships, happiness, and success 
  • Develop psychic energy
  • Communicate with angels
  • Soul travel 
  • Find your soul mate 
  • Use sexual energy in a positive and creative way
  • Conceive and raise peaceful, happy and capable children 
  • Discover your true purpose
  • Give you the power and wisdom to fulfill your purpose


This is the time all of you have to stand strongly, to have the stamina and stability and be capable, really capable, to take care each of other, and create peace and harmony, and bring unbelievable wisdom on the planet. No matter what, you have to stand for the truth of what they told on the ancient days in the palm leaf books: the yantras, prayers, mantras, all the channels.


The Spiritual Seed Started in India

by Sri Kaleshwar

The spiritual seed on this planet started in India. It's true. On this globe, the top spirituality starting point is India. The ancient divine spiritual knowledge of supernatural saints from 2000-5000 years back who practiced powerful mantras and received the highest Cosmic energy in their souls. They discovered the Vedas, the secret formula mantras, and the energy angles. Each king, each village sacrificed their life to connect to God. They all recognized the Cosmic energy. Now we are practically doing it again.

For thousands of years throughout ancient India people had pure devotional hearts. Their main desire was to experience the Divine miracle energy. Some mantras were created and they hooked—attracted—many angels. That was their technology. The ancient Indian science completely depended on the sun, the angels and the miracle powers. Their whole science was the power (cosmic energy). Their technology was the power to work with the souls.  

In the ancient period, the people really, really, really wanted to experience the energy so they created some mantras. When they created the mantras, they hooked many, many angels through the mantras and talked to the angels; from the angels the entire information came out. The angels kept on talking to some saints’ ears and they wrote it down. All the manuscripts 2000 years back, 5000 years back, the ancient information, completely the angels taught it to the world. The people wrote it down. Lots of information is still hidden or lost.

There are supernatural formulas in the manuscripts, mantras and yantras, that show how to connect to the Cosmic energy; how to pull the Cosmic; how to operate the Cosmic; how to digest the Cosmic; how to implement the Cosmic; then after implementing the Cosmic, how to receive back from the Cosmic. These are the steps.

When the angels taught the information, those people wrote it down then they hid it. They had a huge fear. Later the angels said that huge negativity was coming up––battles, wars, craziness, and disasters. It was not good to bring out the information right away. At the time, they had huge fear about what to do and how to do it. Of course, a lot of wars, a lot of disasters, a lot of craziness has already happened. This is the right time to release the information. Now is the time for it to take off.