In front of God, once you know the perfect formula, the right channel and the right energy everything is possible. You need the perfect guidelines to implement it. You need to know how to drive the car yourself.


Ancient Knowledge

The spiritual seed on this planet started in India. It's true. On this globe, the top spirituality starting point is India. The ancient spiritual knowledge of super... Learn More



To develop the vibrations it’s only possible using certain perfect prayers and a perfect way of chanting the prayers (mantras).  Your soul is like a vessel of cosmic energy.  Once you start... Learn More


Kaleshwar’s Corner

Sri Kaleshwar (January 8, 1973 – March 15, 2012) is  the latest incarnation of the Divine Lineage. Sri Kaleshwar dedicated his short life to a global mission to create... Learn More


Monika's Corner

Monika Taylor (of Penukonda) was trained directly in India by Sri Kaleshwar for 15 years until his mahasamadhi in 2012. “Monika belongs to the Divine Mother... Learn More


Nityaananda's Corner

Nityaananda (Clint Thompson MD) is a physi­cian who often helped Sri Kalesh­war in yogic processes, includ­ing yoga samadhi and large group shak­ti­pat trans­mis­sions. Sri Kaleshwar gave..Learn More 

You have 24 hours per day. Just concentrate one hour a day on God, 23 hours do whatever you want: your business, your family. If you concentrate one hour per day on God, that one hours’ power covers your entire life and puts you in good condition. It will change you into a person of good character, a person of huge love, a person of huge heart; it changes you into a powerful healer.

Medicine, medical science – is only for the body. Supernatural science, spiritual science, the healing science - is very powerful. That's only possible when you understand the techniques. That knowledge is highly important. Never ever underestimate even any single piece of the Mother’s creation, how that piece will act and react and give the result and help you. That's the knowledge. It is the biggest ocean. Keep, keep, keep, keep, keep, keep observing, observing, observing, observing, listening, listening and practicing, practicing, yes. We'll do wonders.


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We don’t need to spend years and years searching for the right formulas. Already some saints discovered specific formulas and gave them to us. That’s our luck.  Still the channels are available and the doors are open for us from the Nature.  This ancient divine knowledge is coming back again. If we follow that knowledge, we will have the results.

Ancient Knowledge Serving Humanity

It is essential for the individual to keep learning and understanding the Nature and this creation. Every person has the right to true authentic knowledge. Through knowing the underlying laws of Nature, we can be more effective in alleviating others’ suffering and be an instrument of positive change on the planet. 

The ancient knowledge is dedicated to developing healers and spiritual masters to serve humanity. Today every city needs healers and spiritual masters who will create spiritual centers, ‘soul hospitals’ to serve and take care of the people bringing healing and enlightenment to individuals and society. 

Sri Kaleshwar on the Value of Ancient Knowledge

The Soul Teaches the Mind

The information exists to know about God, to know about yourself, and to know about the highest healing capabilities. There are many, many layers of the healing capabilities, many, many layers of the miracle stages, many, many layers to understand the cosmic (energy). Still, I’m also a student, even though I’ve studied a couple thousands palm leaf books in my life and several hundred yantras. Knowledge is an ocean. It’s really an ocean. But there’s no need to know the entire ocean. Once you learn just a part of the real concept, the theory, then automatically you’ll learn the rest in your life. God will pull you.

When I read a (palm leaf) manuscript book for first time, I get only 5% (of the) knowledge; second time 20%; third time 50%; fourth time 55%; fifth time little more, little more.  Taking one little sentence then thinking, “Why did he say it like this…?” going deeper.  Then with your own knowledge, bring it out, make it elevated, spreading out with the thoughts.  Then your thoughts and the master’s thoughts (coming together) in one sense of meaning, making everything sure. …(In the beginning) It seems simple.  In the simple there is a huge (hidden meaning).  

My aim really started after reading certain ancient things (palm leaf manuscripts). The inspiration started most powerfully, very strong. Reading, reading, reading, eight hours, ten hours… wow. “This needs to come out! This needs to come out! This needs to come out!”

From the beginning, the soul teaches the mind the good parts very beautifully. It’s not the mind giving the knowledge, it’s the soul giving the directions to the mind how to connect to the Nature, to teach the experiences of what is good and what is not good. Then your knowledge is increasing and your heart is changing like a master, a person of knowledge. 

Now the information is well protected. The (ancient) knowledge will come out one day. Learn Telugu, see (how) in the ancient days the prayers, the slokas (mantras), the channels and what they really created. Once that information comes out, all the colored feathers of the birds on one tree looks so beautiful. It will fulfill the tree’s fragrance. You need to put all the people’s belief systems global-wide on one tree. You can only do it once you have authentic knowledge, authentic confidence. Then you’ll win it. Then you really can create a lot of wisdom on the globe.

I am teaching the divine tradition. It isn’t limited to, or doesn’t belong to any one religion. The supernatural energy has no religion. Our tradition is the religion of love and truth. Power, love, truth, faith, patience, surrendering, worshipping.  These are all the fragrances for those who want to know the reality… I am preparing the strongest healers to create real true love and a peaceful atmosphere on the planet....learn, learn, learn.