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Sending my love and support for Baba's new home, and for the sacred place (the Laytonville Temple) that my soul loves to visit. Although I have not been able to re-visit there lately in physical form, I feel such a strong heart and soul connection and I know my soul revisits there often. Namaste and blessings! C.M. Shakopee, Minnesota


It was my absolute pleasure to be able to be in service of such a high divine power spot. It was especially great to be with all the beautiful souls and work together to make it more beautiful. V.C., Los Angeles, CA


I choose to spend every moment I can at the Divine Lineage for it is here that my soul is home.  It is here where I learn and capture that inner silence within.

I have been coming to the Divine Lineage since 2009. I feel welcomed and I am received with pure open hearts by all those who live here.  This is an incredible community and this is my soul family.  This environment is filled with pure authentic love, compassion, inspirations and devotion.  Together we inspire each other and learn of ways to help others and to serve others.

It is here where I come to recharge my soul and leave completed immersed with inspirations and love.  P.J., Boulder, CO





The Divine Lineage Healing Center

Laytonville, California

The Divine Lineage Healing Center is a power spot, a place of healing for the body, mind and soul. The deep silence of the remote nature, the powerful natural Vaastu, and the ongoing divine energy processes maintain and grow high powerful vibrations.

Situated in a beautiful remote forest, a 3- hour drive north of San Francisco, the deep silence and pristine nature vibrations support spiritual transmission and meditation. The Center is a Shiva – Shakti (Father & Mother God) power spot created by Sri Kaleshwar during his many visits from 1999 to 2011. He demonstrated numerous miraculous manifestations on the land, and connected this land to other power spots, including Shirdi and Penukonda, saying it would be a powerful catalyst to sincere students.

Sri Kaleshwar personally created and blessed the Divine Lineage Healing Center as a sacred power spot in the West. He himself showed the exact location for people’s personal power spots at the Center and gave step-by-step instructions for how to implement this process along with the many other processes and programs the Center performs regularly.

Sri Kaleshwar’s creation of this sacred power spot was part of his lifelong mission of making it possible for students of the ancient knowledge and tradition to do many things including certain advanced sadhanas, divine processes and create their own personal power spot outside of the ashram in Penukonda, India. His sankalpam was that having this power spot would help bring the energy channels of the ancient knowledge to the West. He did this for the sake of all generations of students, now and into the future.


Healings and Initiations Available

1) Initiations Available


2) Healings Available


3) Private Sacred Fire Ceremonies 

A private fire ceremony performed for you, in-person or remotely. A fire ceremony designed specifically for your personal needs and goals. Get support for your business and creative endeavors, healing of family karmas, personal healing, removal of blockages in your spiritual process and the fulfillment of your spiritual goals. Inquire for your specific needs. Contact us  for more information or to schedule a private puja.

Sri Kaleshwar often did private fire pujas for his serious students; it was an important process to create huge divine energy to support their success..


Visiting a Power Spot

Visiting a power spot is an important spiritual practice to maintain your soul’s vibrations. A power spot is a place that you can charge your soul with high cosmic vibrations and decharge your stress. This is important for those in need of healing themselves and for healers who practice the Sai Shakti energy channels of the ancient knowledge. You can come do your practices or participate in a special puja to receive whatever your soul needs. All visitors must contact us in advance requesting permission to visit.


Additional Visitor's Information:

  • Contact us to schedule a visit
  • Location and Driving Directions
  • Preparing for Your Stay: Dakshina, Meals and Packing Check-List
  • Lodging and Camping Information in Laytonville and Neighboring Areas

If you are flying into San Francisco International Airport or Sacramento we recommend using the Sonoma County Airport Express. This airporter will take you from these airports to the airport in Santa Rosa that is a pick-up location for a ride-share to the temple. Contact us for more information or to arrange for a ride-share.


Being in the Nature

Slideshows of the beautiful nature at the Divine Lineage Healing Center are available here


Residents and Facilities

The Healing Center is a vital and busy home to a dedicated group of sincere people living simple austere lives of seva, study, meditation and practice as an ashram (spiritual community). The onsite residents care for all aspects of the Center’s grounds and facilities, in addition to staffing the community, online, and global works of Divine Lineage.

The Healing Center’s meditation and healing facilities include:

  • Dattatreya Temple
  • ‘Karuna Sai’ Shirdi Baba Temple
  • Ganesh Temple
  • Mother Mary Garden
  • Traditional Dhuni
  • Hanuman Temple
  • Lake Kaleshwar
  • Walking paths amidst 175 acres of rolling hills of deep forest and pure Nature.


The Healing Center maintains a busy schedule of regular activities, programs and events including weekly bhajan concerts broadcast online, meditations, satsangs and teachings, including twice daily Dattatreya aarathi and daily Shirdi Baba abishek and aarathi. Fire puja, Ganesh abishek, and Dattatreya abishek are performed  and broadcast online each full and new moon, as well as on other auspicious energetic occasions.


Sri Kaleshwar on the Inner Secrecy of Fire Pujas

What is the inner deeper secrecy of the fire ceremonies? You can hear a lot of hidden voices, hidden music and hidden messages in the fire. To suck a lot of positive energy, there is only one high super process that you need, that is the fire ceremony. You have to use that. It takes your pain out and burns it. Absolutely it sucks it out. You can feel it, you will feel it but you have to surrender with a pure heart. It will really save your life. It will really wash out all the pain in your life, absolutely. Everything is possible if you believe, if you practice a perfect path with perfect guidelines.

What is inner secrecy happening in the fire offering? The chanting of the Vedas, offering of flowers, coconuts, incense, sandalwood and ghee is called aghni putra. The aghni angels connect through the vibrations of the chanting of their mantras. It affects on you and it affects on the entire kingdom. When you’re chanting mantras, connecting to Mother Divine, adding the perfect objects to the fire, the sankalpam (intention) energy, the heart, then the vibrations to start to release from the fire.

When the fire puja starts, make a clear idea of what you really want. You have to bring your thoughts exactly about what you really want, heartfully, not simply sitting by the fire, that is no use. When you are present to a fire ceremony, when your heart is open there, then the energy starts to flow in you. It is the almost equal to a thousand of the most powerful healers. The energy is giving like that to you.

Look into the fire, saying thanks to your Mother and Father. Then start your prayers. Even if you have a lot of sicknesses, a lot of family problems, a lot of unhappiness, tell everything exactly that you want. What is the inner side deep pain in your heart? Tell that. You don’t need to say it to anyone else, tell it to the fire. You have to express your pain near the fire. “Really I'm carrying a lot of pain in my heart, a lot of negativity is flowing in my life, I lost a lot of money in business, my heart is broken, my wife is upset with me, she gave a divorce, my children are carrying cancer, a lot of troubles I am facing in my life. I really need purification. I really need to suck a lot of high positive energy.” Even though your mind is thinking different things and is up and down concentrate on the fire.