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A Power Spot is your soul spot. It's all the time vibrating and giving energy to you. Your soul is pulling cosmic energy, drop by drop.

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How Sri Kaleshwar Created the Divine Lineage Healing Center as a Sacred Power Spot

Sri Kaleshwar Talking About the Divine Lineage Healing Center

Sri Kaleshwar





Kaleshwar Volume 1


That center is going to be a most powerful, most powerful,
most powerful and shakti-
full place. So try to keep those vibrations beautifully. That's everybody's job to protect
that place in a beautiful way. Thank you so much, my dear divine souls. - Sri Kaleshwar talking on the Divine Lineage


If you want to do Kandhana Yoga, if you want to demonstrate certain siddhis, if you want to demonstrate certain healings, if you want to demonstrate the most amazing things in the planet, without power spot it’s impossible.


Once you have a power spot, even if you have a little funny Vaastu, and it is creating you to be a little funny, but still the elements will accept for you to do certain things.



I know how important it is to secure a Power Spot from my study of the teachings of Swami and what a special opportunity this is. I have this continuing thought that we never know how long we will be here and how important this is to achieve before ending our current cycle here. B.E., Cincinnati, OH


In the midst of such hard times for so many I warm myself in the Light that shines from the Temple and all the beautiful souls that live and work there. Jai Baba! M.B., Huntsville, AL




Teachings from Sri Kaleshwar and the ancient palm leaf manuscripts about creating and connecting to sacred places on Earth called Power Spots


What is a Power Spot?

A power spot is a place of divine power. The land is highly charged with powerful magnetic energy. The earth in a power spot radiates high divine frequencies. “When you walk on those places,” Sri Kaleshwar said, “because you’re in the middle of the energy, whatever negative energy you have in you, just entering that land and walking on it, innocently (without your knowing it), purifies you. Whether you notice, or don’t notice, the vibrations when you walk there, same result.”

Nature, all of the five elements in this these powerful places radiate these vibrations – the earth, the fire, the water, the sky, and the air you breathe. The vibrations are magnetic, charging your soul and making you feel peace. When you visit these places, it helps you to connect to the Divinity. This is why people make pilgrimages to power spots. Some examples of power spots are Mount Kailas, Penukonda, Varanasi, Sri Sailam, Tirupati, Shirdi, Hampi, Mecca, Lourdes, Jerusalem.


How is a Power Spot created? 

The creation of a power spot is based on a spiritual science of energy laws and natural phenomenon. God, Nature, and saints create such places. Miracles have happened there, a saint is buried or has meditated or walked on the land, even one time. These create high magnetic vibrations. Often power objects are linked to the land, either those created by a saint or those miraculously appearing on that land. Power spots are also created when the qualities of Nature at that place are very special due to its naturally occurring Vaastu.


What is a Personal Power Spot? 

A Personal Power Spot makes an energetic connection between you and the divine vibrations and capacities of a Power Spot. Creating Personal Power Spots is a fundamental mechanism used by the saints and sages of our tradition over millennia to link their soul to the elements and high frequencies of holy grounds across Asia and the Middle East. In this way, the soul receives the energy from the sacred land of the Power Spot without having to be physically at that location.


What are the benefits of my having a Personal Power Spot?

A power spot is your soul spot. It’s all the time vibrating and giving energy to you. Your soul is pulling cosmic energy, drop-by-drop. It’s a ‘must’ and a ‘should’. To do the power channels, every person needs a power spot, a soul object, personal mantra and a soul mate.

There are extraordinary benefits to having a personal power spot. It magnetizes the highest frequencies to your soul moment-by-moment. It is continuously taking care of your soul, creating high protection circles and adding high Shiva energy drop-by-drop, helping you to magnetize Mother Divine and have Her darshan. A personal power spot is required to do many of the shakti-energy processes.

  • Transmits energy directly to your soul
  • Magnifies your soul energy
  • Brings clarity to your consciousness
  • Protects against negative energy
  • Helps decharge negativity
  • Protects from karmas when giving healings
  • Helps you to soul travel
  • Helps you to magnetize Mother Divine and have Her darshan
  • Is necessary to demonstrate miraculous abilities & healings
  • Helps protect from negative Vaastu



How can I get my own Personal Power Spot?

You begin creating a personal power spot by doing a specific meditation process repeating your personal mantra while holding a container filled with special ingredients given by the Divine Lineage Healing Center. You are charging the ingredients in the container with your soul energy through your personal mantra. After completing the meditation process, you personally bury your ‘charged’ container in the ground at the power spot itself. This creates the link between that power spot and your soul. It also links you to the lineage of divine masters. ฀No other particular meditation is required in relation to this process.

Sometimes, there are other dikshas (requirements) to fulfill when making a personal power spot. For example, a power spot in Penukonda requires that you do specific meditations on the Full and New Moons and travel to ‘touch’ your personal power spot in Penukonda, India each Guru Purnima Full Moon for five consecutive years. 


Can we transform a place or land into a new Power Spot?

No. Although he taught this information, Sri Kaleshwar did not give approval for his students to use the shakti-energy channels to create places into power spots in the West. Specifically, in a public talk in 2010 Monika asked, “Swami, how do we use the second JC Channel to create a power spot with our power objects in our home countries?” He answered no because of the vibrations in Western countries. Read entire dialogue. This is why the Divine Lineage Healing Center’s power spot is such a priceless gift. It was the only land Sri Kaleshwar developed during his lifetime where his students could create personal power spots outside of India. 


How many Personal Power Spots can a person have?

This is determined by the desire, capacity and dharma of the individual. Shirdi Baba created 21 personal power spots, which is the maximum number of any saint mentioned in the teachings on this subject. Jesus Christ and Sri Kaleshwar each created nine personal power spots during their lifetimes. Sri Kaleshwar said, “It is advisable to create many power spots if you can.” During his life, Sri Kaleshwar directed some students to create personal power spots in other power spots of this tradition in other places in India, outside of Penukonda. Sometimes he sent students in process groups, at other times he sent individuals alone. In several instances, Sri Kaleshwar personally accompanied process groups to Sri Sailam and Hampi to oversee this process. During these times, he gave teachings on how a personal power spot in these places would specifically support and lift the students’ personal spiritual practice and shakti-energy processes 


If I already have a Personal Power Spot in Penukonda should I create another one in Laytonville?

Definitely. Sri Kaleshwar created a new power spot at the Divine Lineage Healing Center during his lifetime for his students’ benefit. He energetically linked this land to the other major power spots in our tradition, including notably Penukonda, Shirdi, Tirupati, Hampi and Sri Sailam. During the many shakti-energy processes he performed at the Center to create this new power spot, he taught that it was powerfully linked to the water element and that utilizing this land properly would help his students and future generations to ‘win’ the water element channel in their personal processes. Winning the water element is essential for purifying and opening the sat chakras, handling negativity and karmas (alahala), and demonstrating certain miraculous abilities.


If I make a Personal Power Spot in Laytonville do I still need to make another one in Penukonda?

Every student of the ancient knowledge should make a personal power spot at the ashram in Penukonda, India when they are able to go there and are able to fulfill the dikshas (requirements) given by Sri Kaleshwar. Each power spot has its own unique energy that benefits and protects you in different ways. A personal power spot in Penukonda is a priceless gift and an goal that all students of this tradition should try to fulfill when life’s circumstances allow you to travel to the Penukonda ashram in India for five consecutive years on Guru Purnima (Full Moon in July). However, Sri Kaleshwar recognized the difficulty many sincere students in the West have traveling to India for this and other processes. In 2010, while answering a series of questions about the Divine Lineage Healing Center’s power spot and its role in the ancient knowledge tradition, he asked, “If students cannot go to India, what are the other places, branches, centers where Swami can help them in their processes worldwide?” He said this was why he had his students come to the Center many times over the years.


Excerpts from Sri Kaleshwar Teaching Transcripts about Power Spots

A PDF of the following excerpts is available here (PDF)

  • Sri Kaleshwar Teaching from the Holy Womb Transcript.
  • Excerpt from a dialogue between Sri Kaleshwar and Monika during a 90-Day JC Program public talk in Penukonda, India. (September 4, 2010)

The Divine Lineage Healing Center

The Personal Power Spot process will take place at the Divine Lineage Center outside of Laytonville, California in Mendocino County. Situated in a beautiful remote forest, a 3-hour drive north of San Francisco the deep silence and pristine nature vibrations 8 support spiritual transmission and meditation. The Divine Lineage Center in Laytonville California, is a Dattatreya/ Mother Divine power spot created by Sri Kaleshwar during his many visits from 1999 to 2011. He demonstrated numerous miraculous manifestations on the land, and connected this land to other Power Spots, including Shirdi and Penukonda, saying it would be a powerful catalyst to sincere students.

Sri Kaleshwar personally created and blessed the Divine Lineage Healing Center as a sacred power spot in the West. He personally showed the exact location where people’s personal power spots should be created and gave step-by-step instructions how to implement this process.

Sri Kaleshwar’s creation of the Divine Lineage Healing Center as a sacred power spot made it possible for students of the ancient knowledge to do certain advanced practices outside of India. His sankalpam (intention) was that having this power spot would help bring the shakti-energy channels to the West. He did this for the sake of all generations of students, now and into the future.

Personal Power Spot Process Instructions

What are the steps for creating a personal power spot at the Divine Lineage Healing Center?

First you charge a container containing special earth and other elements using the instructions outlined below. Then you schedule a day to come to the Divine Lineage Healing Center to bury your container and complete your process.

Where does the earth of the container come from?

The container has earth and other elements from nine different sacred places in India. These powerful substances are placed in sealed container (no air should enter the container after it is prepared). This container will be provided for you by the Divine Lineage Healing Center staff.

What are the dikshas (guidelines) for charging your personal power spot container?

To meditate holding your power spot container while chanting your personal mantra.

What is the diksha (instructions) after creating your personal power spot?


Power spots and power objects are important subjects to understand. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us or find a certified Kaleshwar teacher in your area. Additionally, we recommend you take a Five Elements Course with a certified teacher and consider charging the five elements as soon as you can.

Sri Kaleshwar's creation of the Divine Lineage Healing Center as a sacred Power Spot was part of his lifelong mission of making it possible for students of the ancient knowledge and tradition to do many things including certain advanced sadhanas, divine processes and create their own Personal Power Spot outside of the ashram in Penukonda, India. His sankalpam was that having this Power Spot would help bring the energy channels of the ancient knowledge to the West. He did this for the sake of all generations of students, now and into the future.


Create Your Own Personal Power Spot at the Divine Lineage Healing Center

It is now possible for individuals to create Personal Power Spots at the Divine Lineage Healing Center.


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