What is Sai Shakti Healing?

Sai Shakti Healing is an ancient science of the soul. Through transmitting energy to the energy centers of the body, dust, debris, or blockages from heartbreaking or negative experiences can be removed. By gently returning to the natural state of being, healing takes place from the inside out.

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Information About Sai Shakti Healing:


Nityaananda's Corner




Kaleshwar Volume 1




Comments from Healing Clients:


“It WORKS, faster and more deeply than any other healing modality I've used. That's because she energetically removes on many levels those deep, old "stuck" places that more superficial techniques never reach. She is skilled, well trained, kind and aligned with the Divine.” Anna G., In Person & Distance Client


“Many miracles happen in every healing session.  I have been healed of two major, chronic illnesses and my childhood and adult life have been healed.” - Judy D., Distance Client


“Shaktipat with the Kala Chakra Yantra was very good, slept very well and had very good insights.  Speaking from personal experience, it occurs to me the this skill in distilling Kala Chakra and Sri Chakra information for immediate jump start healing is and can be of great benefit to people." - S.D., Santa Clara, CA


 “She embodies the loving presence of the Divine Mother, as she works with your body, spirit and Soul to clear the blockages that may be present.” - L. J., Distance Client


Experience Sai Shakti Healing

Everyone wants happiness, health and love in their life. However, we live in a time when negativity is running wild and the world is shaking. There is help in these troubled times to return to joy, health and the flow of divine energy through Sai Shakti Healing.


The Benefits of Sai Shakti Healing:

  • Improve all areas of life - mental, emotional, physical and spiritual
  • Heal and empower women, pregnant mothers, and children 
  • Release heartbreak, depression, and negative relationships
  • Clear personal blocks such as fear, anxiety, jealousy
  • Balance sexual energy
  • Bring prosperity and success in business and personal life
  • Create protection circles around you
  • Raise your soul vibration
  • Heal abuse, abandonment and childhood wounds
  • Bring relief from negative energies and black magic



How Sai Shakti Healing Works

Sai Shakti Healing is a healing science developed by the ancient sages that can be used to heal and transform any aspect of your life. Sai Shakti Healing works at the root level of disease, problems and obstacles in your life by empowering your own soul with cosmic healing energy.

The journey of our soul is the reason we are in a body on Earth.  Your soul journey is unique and precious. Sai Shakti Healing enlivens the spark of your soul so it will heal and transform whatever challenges you are facing.

Sai Shakti Healing energy can be transmitted to a client in person or at a distance. The Sai Shakti Healer uses mantra (sacred vibration) and yantra (sacred form) to access divine channels of healing energy.  This cosmic healing energy is then transmitted to you to address exactly what you need.


The Origin of Sai Shakti Healing

Until recently, this ancient healing system was hidden in palm leaf manuscripts, thousands of years old, and only known to a few saints in India. Sri Kaleshwar has brought Sai Shakti Healing forward to the world in this time and trained hundreds of healers around the world.

To schedule an in-person sesssion please contact us.



Sai Shakti Distance Healing

A distance healing sessions is much the same as in-person session. Through the divine channels the healer has charged, and through their connection to the Divine Mother and to divine souls such as Jesus, Mother Mary, Sri Kaleshwar, and Shirdi Baba, the divine energy of healing can easily be transmitted over long distances. The healer will use your voice on the phone, and/or a picture of you to send the energy directly to you.

If you live in an area far away from a Sai Shakti healer distance healing may be for you.


Nine Holy Womb Chakra Purifications

Both men and women have a womb chakra, which needs to be settled and accessible in order to use the pure creative force held there. This series of nine healing sessions dismantles the layers of heartbreak, confusion and disturbance held in the sacred energy center called the Holy Womb Chakra. Through this purifying process the person is empowered to create and manifest from a clear point of consciousness with the power of unconditional love.

Sri Kaleshwar received this process directly from the Divine Mother and blessed a group of Sai Shakti Healers with permission to give the healings. In addition to purification and empowerment in these healings, the Divine Mother’s energy will target exactly what the Womb Chakra and soul need to progress.

The Nine Holy Womb Chakra Purifications take place over nine separate one-on-one sessions. These sessions must be at least 24 hrs apart. They can take place over nine consecutive days or can be spread out over weeks or months.  Each healing can be a profound and life changing experience.

For additional information and to schedule a session please contact us.


The Divine Baby Blessing Energy Transmission

The Divine Baby Blessing is the most powerful energy transmission a mommy-to-be can receive to give beautiful spiritual blessings to your baby’s soul while it is in the womb. The Divine Baby Blessing is given in one short energy transmission (shaktipat) during any stage of pregnancy by a Sai Shakti Teacher/ Healer. You can receive this blessing either in-person or via distance transmission. This blessing empowers your womb chakra, awakening divine energy within you, and works through you to enhance the positive attributes of your divine baby’s soul.