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There is only one true medicine - soul energy

Sacred formulas from ancient palm leaf manuscripts bring healing to the mind, body, heart and soul.

What is Sai Shakti Healing?

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“I want to let you know how grateful I am for the healing.  You guys are incredible.  Baba, Swami and Jesus' presence was so strong that it brought tears to my eyes. I was holding on to something and I'm not even sure what it was but it has been released. I feel so much better today and it is such a relief to not be fighting for every breath.  I had no idea just how bad I felt. I just have to remember to slow down and breathe.” V.H. Cincinnati OH


"I do not have words to thank you for the healing session today. It was absolutely awesome. I was feeling tired and down when I came. I felt a true release during and after the session. It was so comforting. I left feeling so joyful and full of energy. It’s been almost a week and I feel more peaceful and know the benefits are working. I’m going to continue to use the tools you shared. The healing sessions have ben very helpful. Thank you!”- HC., Knoxville, Tennessee


"After our session, I was able to drive 100 miles in one day. Before that I’d been crippled by driving anxiety and had only driven a few miles outside of the city limits a handful of times.” – K. C. Kansas City, MO


“You gave me the most amazing mantra and massage while I was pregnant. I had the most amazing natural birth because of you and I’ve been meaning to thank you for giving me the Mantra that got me through my birth!” H.B., Portland, OR


"I felt more peaceful inside after the healing than I have in a very long time.” - J.B., San Jose, CA

The body is carrying a lot of diseases and pains—body aches, stomachaches, headaches. At the same time the mind, heart, and soul are also carrying a lot of pain. There’s only one medicine— to gain soul capacity, soul energy.


The Real Healing is Soul Healing

Sai Shakti Healing

The soul is the real healer. When your soul receives the right energy, your soul is capable of healing any disease, and solving any problem in your life. When you receive a soul healing you receive a transmission of God’s energy, cosmic energy, directly to your soul. This awakens and recharges your soul battery. Then the soul implements that energy to heal itself – the body, the mind, and the heart can all be healed easily by the soul.  Soul healing is the source of all true healing. The best medicine for the soul is God’s energy, the cosmic energy.

Healing is nothing but recharging the battery. The battery is nothing but the spark that we’re carrying in our body.


Healing through the Five Elements

Soul healing utilizes the five elements in Nature – earth, fire, space (ether), water and air – to diagnose disease and to return to health and well-being. The remedy is cosmic energy delivered directly to the soul. Healing energy transmissions can be given through direct touch, or sent over a distance.

All emotional and physical disease comes from an imbalance in our inner vibrations.  These inner vibrations comes through the five elements. Just as the Nature is made of earth, fire, water, ether, and air, our bodies and souls are also made of the same elements. We experience healing naturally through these Five Elements Channels. Peace and contentment then takes the place of anxiety, depression, and heartbreak.


Healing Energy Transmissions for the Body, Mind, Heart, and Soul.

Sai Shakti healers channel high divine healing vibrations through meditation, prayer, formula and process, then give that energy either directly in-person or sending through remote transmission.  Directly nourishing and uplifting the soul’s energy, Sai Shakti healing can transform and heal anything including: 

  • heartbreak and relationship problems
  • lack of clarity and purpose
  • anxiety
  • depression
  • drug and other addictions
  • chronic or untreatable diseases of all kinds
  • cancer
  • autism and learning disabilities
  • clearing of negative energy influences

Healing Touch

During in-person sessions, Sai Shakti healers utilize knowledge of the body’s energy systems – the chakras and other ‘energy treasure spots’ – to transmit immensely powerful divine healing vibrations to the soul of the client through healing touch.


Distance Healing Transmissions

Healing Over a Distance

The five elements exist everywhere in the universe. When we purify and charge the five elements within our own body we connect to the elements in Nature. Sai Shakti healers implement these channels to connect to cosmic energy to send healing vibrations to a soul wherever they are. Following specific guidelines and practices, a qualified Sai Shakti healer can send healing energy and blessing vibrations over any distance

In the spiritual system, the saints say if you sit in your meditation room and pronounce the perfect formula you can do whatever you want with the energy.  You can send someone healing energy long distance, or if you are sitting there and want to give a message to anybody automatically by telepathy, by thoughts, it reaches them. That is the deep meaning; the universe is filled with the vibrations throughout.


Experience Sai Shakti Healing for Yourself

If there is a disease there is a remedy

There are many ways for you to receive the healings and spiritual energy you need now. 


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