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Comments from Distance Healing Clients:


I want to express our love and gratitude for Baba, Guru Parampara and your help and prayers by donating $500 to Baba. After 3 weeks' medical cares, my husband was free from hospital bed and tubes without any medical operation! Unbelievably, he was very lucky. Although he came back home with lots of medicine, I am changing to a low-salt diet for him and less-medicine every day. He was blessed and I got relief when you, Divine Lineage friends prayed, for him! Thanks a lot. -Yumiko & Yasuyuki N., Japan.


“Many miracles happen in every healing session. I have been healed of two major, chronic illnesses and my childhood and adult life have been healed.” -Judy D. Distance Client

Healing Over a Distance

The five elements – earth, fire, space (ether), water and air –exist everywhere in the universe. When we purify and charge the five elements in our body we can connect to the elements in all of Nature. Sai Shakti healers implement the Five Element Energy Channels to connect to the cosmic energy to send healing vibrations to a soul wherever they are. Following specific guidelines and practices, a qualified Sai Shakti healer can send healing energy over any distance.


Schedule A Distance Healing

Your distance healing energy transmission will include a home healing program based on your needs, as well as an hour-long synchronized energy transmission from Monika and Nityaananda.

Length: 1 hour/session

Dakshina (Cost): By donation (suggested minimum $108).
Additional sessions determined by circumstance.



Schedule a Counseling Session

Remote private sessions for consultation, spiritual guidance or other support are available with Monika or Nityaananda. Your session will be tailored to your needs and conducted online (such as GoToMeeting or Skype), or via telephone.

Length: 1 hour/session

Dakshina (Cost): Suggested donation determined on a case-by-case basis.



Schedule an In–Person Healing Session

In-person private sessions for consultation, healing, spiritual guidance or other support are available with Monika, Nityaananda or other healers at the temple. Your session will be tailored to your needs and conducted in-person at the Divine Lineage Healing Center.

Length: 1 hour/session

Dakshina (Cost): Suggested donation determined on a case-by-case basis.



Special Healing Blessings Pujas and Processes 

Special ‘healing blessings’ pujas and processes are a powerful way to receive energy directly to your soul to bless you with spiritual boons, to purify the effects of negative karmas, and bring lasting healing to you and your family. These blessings are possible solely through the grace of Sri Kaleshwar, the Divine Lineage of masters, and the Divine Mother.


The Power of Fire Pujas

Real healing is about working with the soul, understanding the soul, and researching the secrecy of the soul... where it comes from. It's about finding your inner light and knowing what is really running and where you're really going.

These powerful energy transmissions utilize the power of the fire element to send healing and transform any karma. Sri Kaleshwar said this about the power of fire pujas:

"What is inner secrecy happening in the fire offering? The chanting of the Vedas, offering of flowers, coconuts, incense, sandalwood and ghee (clarified butter) is called Aghni Putra. The aghni (fire) angels connect through the vibrations of the chanting of their mantras. It affects on you and it affects on the entire kingdom. When you’re chanting mantras, connecting to Mother Divine, adding the perfect objects to the fire, the sankalpam (intention) energy, the heart, then the vibrations to start to release from the fire.

Look into the fire, saying thanks to your Mother and Father. Then start your prayers. Even if you have a lot of sicknesses, a lot of family problems, a lot of unhappiness, tell everything exactly that you want. What is the inner side deep pain in your heart? Tell that. You don’t need to say it to anyone else, tell it to the fire. You have to express your pain near the fire. 'Really I'm carrying a lot of pain in my heart, a lot of negativity is flowing in my life, I lost a lot of money in business, my heart is broken, my wife is upset with me, she gave a divorce, my children are carrying cancer, a lot of troubles I am facing in my life. I really need purification. I really need to suck a lot of high positive energy.” Even though your mind is thinking different things and is up and down concentrate on the fire.

I recommend for you to do some, any, of your favorite special pujas. Karmically, it will help. Especially, the purification of family karma, lifetimes of karmas can be burned out. Then you’ll feel great relief.”

Fire pujas work to give the highest protection against disease or tragedy. A fire puja works automatically sending this person the highest positive energy. It works like a radio (transmitting) dharmic energy. It can go anywhere; that is the power of fire.