Giving Tuesday 2018



On November 27th, join the Divine Lineage and people around the globe participating in this giving movement.


Thank you for your love, for your support of the Divine Lineage Center, and all of the ways you are creating positive energy for the world. 

"99% of the globe is carrying depression, heartbreak, unhappiness, unworthiness, pain, sadness, stuck. They're really lost. They're waking up, eating, drinking, sleeping... making money, eating, drinking, sleeping... eating, drinking, sleeping. They are swimming in a big ocean. They cannot stop. Struggling for existence; existence for struggling... The only medicine is spirituality (soul energy). Give them real bliss. There’s no other medicine at all for them in this world."

~ Sri Kaleshwar


This year for *Giving Tuesday, on November 27th, we are asking for your continued support in helping the Divine Lineage Center be an evermore visible resource of hope and positivity for the world, especially for all who struggle with loneliness and it’s related sufferings. 

Loneliness is making headlines as one of the major diseases of our time, with many soul, physical, and mental health effects. The World Health Organization reports depression is the main cause of disability and illness worldwide. Suicide alone claims over 800,000 lives every year. 

At the heart of the Divine Lineage’s mission is to help others realize their essential oneness and connectedness with all life. Suffering occurs when people feel isolated and separated from the whole. Connecting with the world and other creatures helps us to heal, experience happiness, and inspires us to take responsibility and care for others and the environment. The Center’s live streaming broadcasts of sacred fire ceremonies (pujas), holy baths (abisheks), satsangs, bhajans (healing music), and meditation processes, are just some of the ways we help meet the personal, local, and global need for more conscious, easily accessible ways of connecting to community and one’s own self. Not 'self', simply as the small "s" ego, but as the large "S", community of one. 

In 2019, there is an ever-growing necessity and a huge opportunity for us to come together and share these ancient techniques for healing with a broader world in need.

The new moon puja was awesome and the energy lasted for days. I have received such positive changes personally. I cannot say enough about these events and the blessings that are available. You can ask (silently) for what you want or need at the fire ceremony (puja), and without conflict of one's own spiritual or religious beliefs or practice, all for the betterment of your life and others. It crosses and flies above any religious barriers. We are so fortunate to have these ceremonies, group meditations, and other sacred learning experiences. I would not miss these opportunities. - Cyndi, Knoxville, Tennessee


Taking Steps Together

One of our next goals is to create and publish our own Divine Lineage Center channel on Apple TV, so more people can enjoy higher-quality viewing of our broadcasts on a variety of multi-media platforms. Higher quality, uninterrupted broadcasting, gives people a more ready and direct experience of being connected to what is broadcast. 
We want to continue making our broadcasts more accessible to anyone looking online for an alternative to feeling alone and to provide a real sense of actually being at the Center, in the pristine mountains of Northern California.

The bottom line is that you, and anyone tuning in, feel connected and that our streaming events are something you are drawn to share with friends, family, clients, and colleagues - and keep coming back to! 
For all this, we need to upgrade equipment and improve our broadcasting ability... 


The Divine Lineage Center's 2018 Giving Tuesday Wish List

Featured items on the wish list have been selected for their capacity to assist us as we strengthen our broadcasting features, creating more alternatives to loneliness online for our local and global community.

These are just some of the items your Giving Tuesday donation will help fund.

Scroll to the bottom of the webpage to see the full list!


What You Helped Make Possible In 2018

People have been sharing their experiences of connection and healing over a distance; thank you for all the advancements in our broadcasting your generosity made possible in 2018! 

Tim Schooler, a Northwest resident, wrote how while care-sitting alone for an elderly man in the Winter of last year, he looked forward to the weekly broadcasts of the Divine Lineage Center’s healing music (bhajan) concerts as a source of positivity and good vibrations. 

During our Full and New Moon fire ceremonies (pujas) and Ganesh holy baths (abisheks), people’s names are read out loud, so all who register can access the vibrations generated from their own prayers, real-time. The detail and care that is put into the sankalpams (intentions) people submit reflect they are receiving the benefits and becoming more aware of their own power to effect change using these spiritual technologies.  

During Navaratri and on Vijayadasami, people were able to join the morning holy bath (abishek) to Shirdi Baba every day via live streaming broadcast, and participants listened to Nityaananda read Sri Kaleshwar’s, Shirdi Baba: The Universal Master.
We also offer an online forum in all of our distance meditation processes where people can share experiences and pose questions, interactive teaching satsangs with Monika and Nityaananda, broadcasts of meditation processes live from the Karuna Sai Baba Temple, Divine Talk Radio, Soul Talk, blogs on Conscious Parenting and the Transformative Power of Grief, and uplifting messages via weekly email communication, Twitter, and Facebook. 

Alongside being an online presence, the Center conducts on-site intensives during the Summer Soul University, healing music (bhajan) concerts in the local community, feeding programs to serve underprivileged families in Mendocino County, and volunteers to help our local firefighters during the fire season. 

The live-streamed ceremonies are a lifeline. They strengthen my intuition fast and provide so much clarity, and I could not do without you all running the processes. - Jai Dharam, San Francisco, California


Help Us Launch 2019!
The Only Medicine is Spirituality

As an essential member of our community, we hope you are inspired by what you've helped make possible in 2018, and eager to join us in doing something now, to help make a difference in people's loneliness, a suffering that touches nearly everyone’s life very personally. 

Let's use this Giving Tuesday, on November 27th, to expand our good works. Please give.  

*GivingTuesday is a global day of giving fueled by the power of social media and collaboration. Celebrated on the Tuesday following Thanksgiving (in the U.S.) and the widely recognized shopping events Black Friday and Cyber Monday, #GivingTuesday kicks off the charitable season, when many focus on their holiday and end-of-year giving.


G I V I N G   T U E S D A Y   F U N D R A I S I N G   W I S H   L I S T
Help Us Broadcast Healing Energy to the World

These are just some of the items your Giving Tuesday donation will help fund so more people can enjoy accessible, higher-quality viewing of all our events. Thank you!


Church Streaming Subscription

Allows for the DLC to create
and publish their own channel
on Apple TV!
$139/ A Month



Panasonic Live Production Streaming Switcher Controller
and PTZ Camera Controller

Help Us Get One!



AW-HN38H HD Professional PTZ Camera with NDI®|HX

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RODE PSA1 Swivel Mount Studio Microphone Boom Arm

Help Us Get Two!
$98.79 Each



Rode NT-USB USB Condenser Microphone

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$169 Each



Rode PSM 1 Shockmount
For Podcaster

Help Us Get Two!
$39.00 Each