2019 Giving Tuesday

Fill Your Heart & Lift Your Soul

When you donate to support EVERYTHING at Divine Lineage, 

EVERYTHING supports you.



Thank you for your love, for your support of Divine Lineage Center, and for all of the ways you are creating positive energy for the world. 


"99% of the globe is carrying depression, heartbreak, unhappiness, unworthiness, pain, sadness, stuck. They're really lost. They're waking up, eating, drinking, sleeping... making money, eating, drinking, sleeping... eating, drinking, sleeping. They are swimming in a big ocean. They cannot stop. Struggling for existence; existence for struggling... The only medicine is spirituality (soul energy). Give them real bliss. There’s no other medicine at all for them in this world."

~ Sri Kaleshwar

This time last year, Divine Lineage’s Giving Tuesday fundraising campaign focused on the global epidemic of loneliness among people of all ages and across all countries. Loneliness is especially rampant in the West linked to the opioid crisis, multiple health issues such as stroke and heart disease, and suicide.

Sri Kaleshwar referred to this same epidemic as “heartbreak,” calling it the number one disease on the planet and the focus of our mission’s healing work.

In 2019 this epidemic is even more prevalent with new data showing that “a staggering 47 percent of Americans often feel alone, left out and lacking meaningful connection with others” (Scientific American). Recent research suggests that “loneliness and social isolation can be as damaging to health as smoking 15 cigarettes a day.”

For these reasons, we are keeping Ending Loneliness as our Giving Tuesday fundraising focus until real change is reflected in how people are living and experiencing their divine potential on this planet. This is our work.  Everything we do is about bringing people together, healing, taking care of each other, and recognizing and living in the reality that we are one global community.

A Different Approach to Talk About Fundraising

For years we’ve tried following the advice of fundraising experts, who tell you to put specific items in front of people so they can have a more tangible sense of what they’re funding. 

This is what we did last year, highlighting the broadcasting equipment needed to advance our online capabilities and presence.  


But, we think differently now...

Through your feedback, we’ve come to know you can see the tangible results of what your donations make possible whenever you want to. Simply read a Newsletter or one of our books,  join a live-streaming broadcast, participate in an in-person or online meditation process, or support a local Divine Lineage sponsored charitable event.

We believe in your growing experience of connectedness and community through what you see your donations are accomplishing when you join us in any of the ways above! Certainly, one way to dramatically experience that is to join the next Peace Fires broadcast and note the “shout outs” from people around the globe!

But most of all, we feel our partnership is built on trust, knowing that our dharma is honoring your own prayers for healing and transformation on the planet, and that you are always looking and listening with an open heart to see how you can financially support Divine Lineage’s work as best you can.

The power and beauty of donating for Giving Tuesday is not only that it is the holiday season when the importance of bonds and community become especially poignant, but that this global giving event was created as an alternative to the growing commercialization of our consciousness by events such as Black Friday.

Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to join with others in our spiritual community and millions around the world to help create a growing consciousness of giving.

And remember, your donation goes to fund EVERYTHING we do and EVERYTHING we do helps fulfill our shared mission of building connection and strengthening community wherever it is lacking.

This is the true healing remedy for loneliness. 

Please give this Giving Tuesday and invite your friends and family to do the same.  EVERYTHING requires a lot!



P.S. While we are asking for Giving Tuesday donations to help fund and pay for everything, we will heartfully continue through Newsletters and emails to share with you the difference your donations are making.  Additionally, we still will from time to time have specific fundraising targets – in fact a major multi-year building project is being developed by direction from Sri Kaleshwar to meet the requirements of living within the dramatically changing environment in Northern California, especially regarding the threat of fires.

Thank You! 



Founded in 2012, Giving Tuesday has inspired millions of people to give back and support the causes they believe in. Over $400 million was raised online in 2018 to benefit a tremendously broad range of organizations, and much more was given in volunteer hours, donations of food and clothing, and acts of kindness.
“When GT launched in the US in 2012, we believed that technology and social media could be used to make generosity go viral.” said Asha Curran, Giving Tuesday’s CEO and co-founder. “We believed in the idea that people fundamentally want to give and to talk about giving; and that the social sector had the capacity to show more innovative leadership, creativity, and collaboration. People and organizations around the world proved us right. As we prepare for December 3, we’re energized and encouraged by the community’s generosity. The levels of creativity, effort and the quality of the new ideas people have contributed and shared are phenomenal.”