Ganesh Holy Bath (Abishek)



"He (Ganesh) can remove all the obstacles around you so they won’t disturb your life and your process."  ~ Sri Kaleshwar

Give Ganesh a Milk Abishek


"Once you start any process in your life, first you worship Ganesh to remove the obstacles. He can remove all of the obstacles around you, whatever they are. There's no way any obstacle can disturb you in your life, in your process." ~ Sri Kaleshwar





"He’s (Ganesh) really, really, really the closest soul to Mother Divine.  We’re going through him to break the negativity, to remove the obstacles, to get control of Maha Srusthi, the creation. It means through Ganesh we’re getting control of the whole creation." ~ Sri Kaleshwar



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A new Ganesh Temple with a teaching area and vine-covered pergola are being constructed. We are seeking donations to help with the cost of this construction of love. Please click below for a full description of the ways you can participate.  You will receive punyam, soul benefits, for life times to come.



“Bring Lord Ganesh energy in you and ask to control the negativity. To control the negativity, Ganesh is sucking the energy from Mother Divine.” ~ Sri Kaleshwar


Ganesh Holy Bath (Abishek) 

Every Full Moon and New Moon

9:00 - 10:00 AM  Pacific

Watch and listen to the live streaming webcast on YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch.

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Ganesh Clears the Way for Miracles

Ganesh is the remover of obstacles.  He clears away stuck energy. Ganesh is the son of Mother Divine, the Goddess. Because of his connection to his mother, he has a special relationship with nature and an unlimited ability to work with all Creation.

Ganesh removes the barriers that stand between our souls and divine grace. He clears the path for our open-hearted pathway to enlightenment. Temples throughout the world have at least a picture of Ganesh outside or right inside the temple, and always begin anything new by first praying to Ganesh for success.

When you pray to Ganesh, in a fraction of seconds his energy responds to protect you.  His energy comes like a giant elephant walking in front of you clearing away obstacles;  his trunk sucking away negative energy.  He is so loving and kind that he protects us from our own negativity and the negativity in the world.

What is a Holy Bath (Abishek)?

Holy baths are rituals to wash away karmas, refresh your soul energy and brighten your mood. They deeply connect you with the divine through the elements of nature to purify karma, release difficult emotions, and manifest your prayers and visualizations.

The Full Moon and New Moon are lunar power times when your chakras, the energy centers in your body, are open. This makes it a powerful time to join an abishek to gain protection from negativity and receive divine blessings from spiritual practices (sadhanas) and ceremonies.

Holy baths are rooted in the ancient palm leaf and Vedic knowledge of India and are practiced by millions of people today. Spiritual traditions around the world, including Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, and Sikhism, use the water element to give blessings to people, places, and things. 
In a holy bath, the water element is utilized along with the earth and sky elements. Different liquids, most often water, milk, cream, or rosewater, are poured in a steadily flowing stream over a power object, such as Ganesh.  The sounds of the ancient prayers mix with the elements in the abishek creating a magnetic force of divine energy that is sent to you like electricity.


Offer Milk to Ganesh and Join the Holy Bath

Give Ganesh a Milk Abishek

Offer Ganesh a carafe of milk to wash away obstacles and stuck energy. A pitcher of milk charged with your prayers will be given to Ganesh during the holy bath at the Divine Lineage Center while your name is read aloud and the divine vibrations from the holy conch are blown.

Give milk to Ganesh with your prayers when you need a breakthrough to: 

  • Remove obstacles in business or your personal and spiritual life 

  • Success in a new venture 

  • Create a fresh start, a new beginning 

  • Protection from negativity  

  • Keep your path and energy free and clear  

Participate as you need, or join every month to maintain your positive energy from one moon to the next.  

You will receive a direct benefit and soul blessing by participating in the abishek no matter where you are in the world. You can also offer milk to Ganesh on behalf of friends and loved ones.


Receive the Breakthroughs and Miracles You Need

Connect with the divine forgiveness and compassion that is Sri Ganesh.  While joining by live broadcast, look at Ganesh's eyes when the liquids are being poured.  You will receive the most energy by having your eyes open and watching the combination of elements working together.  Imagine as if the milk and water are being poured over you, washing away any heart pain, illness, sadness, and removing obstacles. 

Positive vibrations radiate out to everyone who watches Ganesh's Holy Bath - whether via live streaming or in person. The positive vibrations bless the entire atmosphere through the earth and sky elements, reaching you wherever you are.
The Ganesh statute at the Divine Lineage Healing Center is very special.  Sri Kaleshwar used an advanced yogic process to enliven the Ganesh statue with divine energy. Sri Kaleshwar predicted the miracle energy of a great river of amrutha, divine holy nectar, will flow regularly from this Ganesh statue blessing the world for the next 1,000 years. Even now, many people have already witnessed and experienced this miracle energy from Ganesh at the Center.