Family Karma Fire Ceremony

2019 Process for Healing Family Karma

"You have to improve your love, purity, divinity, big surrendering nature to God, your understanding between you and your family members and your friends. Then only you can be successful your entire life."

Sri Kaleshwar

Family Karma Fire Ceremony
Sat., Nov. 30th

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3 pm - 5pm (Pacific)


Offer Prayers for Your Family to the Divine



"Yagyas (Fire Ceremonies) are used for every purpose. There are a lot of benefits: curing diseases, solving problems, bringing success in business, spiritual growth, mental strength, healing broken hearts, washing out depression and other forms of personal failure, and also bringing happiness and prosperity to one’s property and family. It works to give the highest protection against disease or tragedy. It can take care of a family for a hundred years. A yagya’s power is like that." 

~ Sri Kaleshwar 


Saturday, November 30th

3 pm - 5 pm (Pacific)

For many of us, our relationship to family still plays a major role in our lives, informing job, social, and even spiritual identities.  

During the holiday season when spending time with family is so common, we become keenly aware of how our identities are still being influenced by past experiences and patterns of behavior within a family lineage.

Although it may be hard to believe that actions from the past and from unknown ancestors have anything to do with us today, our ancestors and the imprints of our previous actions are living concurrently with us.  

The energy from the traumas, tragedy, and negative patterns that have persisted for generations in a family can continue and pass on to future generations. Often these karmas cannot be healed through medication, allopathic medicine and traditional forms of Western therapy and healing. To be free from family karma, the soul needs to be healed. 


Our Spiritual Efforts Help Heal Our Family  

Any effort to heal and empower the soul automatically helps to purify the karmas of our family and ancestors.

When we are liberated, we help to liberate all those connected to us.

Although every person has to experience family karma, you can do something to propel yourself and family members into a cycle of love, prosperity, and inspiration for new beginnings.  

On Satuday, November 30th, join a Healing Family Karma Sacred Fire Ceremony (Puja) to fast-track your healing and your relations healing from family karma. 

You may also register on behalf of someone you love whose healing needs you know.

A special offer for 2 or more coconut blessings is listed below. 


Experience the Divine Energy 

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Saturday, November 30, 2019

3 pm - 5 pm (Pacific) Sacred Fire Ceremony (Puja) 


Offer Your Prayers to the Divine for You and Your Family

"The flame is the tiny symbol of the huge light of God. Seeing the fire with our two eyes gives us a huge benefit. When you watch the fire you are sucking that energy through your eyes. You are getting the benefit and it is going to your heart, which means it is going to your soul."

~ Sri Kaleshwar

Your name (or the name of the person on whose behalf you register) will be read out-loud as a coconut is cracked and offered to the fire with your payers while the sacred vibrations of the conch are sounded. (One coconut and one name will be read aloud per registration.)

Think of what you need in your life, of what your family needs. What you can pray for includes:

  • A loving relationship with parents, siblings, children, and spouse 
  • A kind, forgiving nature 
  • Fertility, successful conception, and the healthy birth of a baby 
  • Healing from heartbreak and depression 
  • Healing from negative mental patterns and self-image 
  • Healing from addiction 
  • Prosperity in your life and in your family lineage (material & spiritual wealth) 
  • Harmonious relationship to nature



Special Offer for 2 or More Coconut Blessings

After your first registration, you'll receive a special link to give a coconut blessing to family members and loved ones at more than 50% off each additional Family Karma Fire Ceremony registration. Give this special blessings to all of your brothers, sisters, family members, and friends! Please save the link to be able to include all of your loved ones.


"The first thing you need to do is make your life comfortable and happy. Make your family members happy, your children happy, and yourself happy."

~ Sri Kaleshwar  


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Offer Your Prayers for Your Family to the Divine