Healing Family Karma Fire Ceremony 


2020 Kartika Purnima Process  




“You have to improve your love, purity, divinity, big surrendering nature to God, your understanding between you and your family members and your friends. Then only can you be successful in your entire life.”  

~ Sri Kaleshwar

Family Karma  Fire Ceremony  

Thanksgiving Weekend 

Sat., Nov. 28th 

Kartika Purnima 

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"If you look deeply into the palm of your hand, you will see your parents and all generations of your ancestors.  All of them are alive in this moment.  Each is present in your body.  You are the continuation of each of these people."

Thich Nhat Hanh 


"To suck a lot of positive energy, there is only one high super process that you need, that is the fire ceremony. You have to use that. It takes your pain out and burns it."

~ Sri Kaleshwar 


Any spiritual efforts we take on behalf of our family lineage automatically helps their souls to heal and receive what they need on their soul journey. 




"This Full Moon is called the Kartika Purnima. It means the pure Shiva Purnima. Every year in this month, this Full Moon is very precious."

Sri Kaleshwar 

Heal Your Family - Forwards and Backwards for Generations - This Kartika Purnima Thanksgiving Weekend

Live Saturday, November 28, 2020 from 3-5 pm PDT

For many of us, our relationship to family still plays a major role in our lives, informing personal, social, work-place, and spiritual identities. We often relate to one another through the filters of the past, the conditioning created by family karmas.  

During the holiday season, when connecting with family is so common, we become keenly aware of the need for healing.  Although it may be hard to believe that actions from our ancestors have anything to do with us today, these karmas are living concurrently with us.    

We feel the tension that unconscious patterns of behavior, negative memories, and unresolved traumas create, but often don't know how to disentangle from the patterns.   

Divine Energy Heals  

The energy from the traumas, tragedy, and negative patterns that have persisted for generations in a family can continue and pass on to future generations.

To heal Family Karma, the soul needs to receive a powerful dose of divine energy to purify and remove the patterns. 

One of the fastest ways to achieve this is through the Shakti Energy Channels and a Sacred Fire Ceremony. 

We are in a time of profound change, and need to use profound processes to awaken.

Sacred Fire Ceremonies (Pujas) have been used since ancient times to heal, solve problems, and fulfill our desires. This is one of the secrets the ancient sages used to manifest what they and society needed.  

"Doing fire pujas is really good for your soul. Performing fire pujas and chanting certain prayers can really wash out a lot of negativity and a lot of bad karma and bad fortune. Performing just one fire puja is equal to doing 100 years of austerities."

~ Sri Kaleshwar


Join the Family Karma Sacred Fire Ceremony to Fast-Track Your Healing & Your Ancestors' Healing From Family Karma 

Watch the Virtual Ceremony on Thanksgiving Weekend 
Saturday, November 28, 2020 from 3-5 pm PDT 

Live on: YouTube,  Facebook,  Twitch  and  divinelineage.org 

Healing family karma is liberating to your soul. It affects your entire life. Untangling karmic knots frees huge amounts of energy and helps dissolve the energy  in your way.  This brings great relief to you and all those connected to you.

Any spiritual effort you take on behalf of your family lineage automatically helps to heal their soul and support their receiving what they need on their soul journey, even after the have left their bodies. When we do any effort in the name of a departed soul, and especially our parents after they have died, it benefits their soul and your soul.

Although every person has to experience family karma, this Thanksgiving weekend you can do something to propel yourself and your family members into a cycle of love, prosperity, and inspiration for new beginnings.  

"To suck a lot of positive energy, there is only one high super process that you need, that is the fire ceremony. You have to use that. It takes your pain out and burns it."

~ Sri Kaleshwar


Offer Your Prayers For Your Family to the Divine

This Thanksgiving weekend is also in the auspicious energy of the Kartika Purnima Full Moon.

It is one of the most powerful days in the lunar calendar to connect to Shiva's consciousness to go to the Divine Mother and heal family karma through a sacred fire ceremony.

Meditations, rituals, and any holy act such as a Sacred Fire Ceremony or charity work on Kartika Purnima is more powerful than usual.

When you register, your name (or the name of the person on whose behalf you register) will be read out-loud as a coconut is cracked and offered to the fire with your payers while the sacred vibrations of the conch shells are sounded.

(One coconut and one name will be read aloud per registration.

Think of what you need in your life, of what your family needs.


What you can pray for includes: 

  • Fresh energy in relationship with parents, siblings, children, and spouse  
  • Kindness, forgiveness, understanding and empathy; divine qualities  
  • Fertility, successful conception, and the healthy birth of a baby  
  • Healing from heartbreak and depression  
  • Healing from negative mental patterns and self-image  
  • Healing from addiction  
  • Prosperity in your life and in your family lineage (material & spiritual wealth)  
  • A harmonious relationship with people and nature 
  • Gratitude and equanimity  

"The first thing you need to do is make your life comfortable and happy. Make your family members happy, your children happy, and yourself happy." 

~ Sri Kaleshwar   


Register for the Healing Family Karma Sacred Fire Ceremony for $108, $1,008, $3,000 or any amount you choose (minimum of $108)

About Giving Dakshina  

In the law of Karma Sadhanta, karmic exchange is very important. In this process, you are asking to be free of something, for Shiva and the Divine Mother to take it. You need to give something in order to receive. For this reason we are offering the opportunity to give different dakshina amounts. The amount you offer in exchange should accurately reflect what you are asking to receive. Shiva is Bhola Shankara, giver of boons; you can ask for anything, He will bless anything.

Registration for the Healing Family Karma Sacred Fire Ceremony closes on Friday, November 27, 2020 at 5:00 pm PDT. 



Include the Whole Family!

Special Offer for 2 or More Coconut Blessings  

After your first registration of at least $108 dakshina, you'll receive a special link to give additional coconut blessings to family members living or deceased at a discounted price. 

Please save the link to be able to include all of your brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

(One coconut and one name will be read aloud per registration.) 



Power Objects   

Offered for Thanksgiving 

"Divine Mother is staying inside 1000%."  

~  Sri Kaleshwar said about Power Objects  

Power Objects bring bliss and peace.  This energy is the most profound miracle energy coming into your life.  Every power object is a channel to the Divine Mother.  Power Objects contains the siddhis, Her energy is inside them.  Power Objects provide background protection  from negativity and disturbing energy and background support to help maintain clarity, inner peace, and success.   

Registration for Power Objects and Special Blessings closes on Friday, November 27, 2020 at 5:00 pm PDT. 

Pearl Ring Power Object  Charged by Sri Kaleshwar 

(Available in size 4, 5.75, 6, 6.25, 7, 7.5, 8. Please write to us before you purchase to confirm the size you would like is still available.)


Five-Eyed  Rudraksha Seed Charged by Sri Kaleshwar 


Crystal Bead Mala Charged by Sri Kaleshwar


Navratam (9 Planets) Mala Charged by Sri Kaleshwar


Small Crystal Lingam Charged by Sri Kaleshwar


Medium Crystal Lingam Charged by Sri Kaleshwar

Special Blessings for Your Soul  

Offered for Thanksgiving 

The Divine Mother wants to bless you. She wants you to call to Her and ask for what you need  to awaken your special role in the new world being birthed now.  These special blessings uplift your soul, purifying the effects of karmas to bring lasting healing. You can give these special blessings to yourself or as a gift for someone else. 

Registration for Power Objects and Special Blessings closes on Friday, November 27, 2020 at 5:00 pm PDT. 

Divine Mother’s special protection for a child (Comes with a protection string)  



Divine Mother’s blessing for the fulfillment of a specific desire (Desire can be kept private.)



Divine Mother’s blessing for material abundance



Divine Mother’s blessing for health and longevity




Offer Your Prayers for Your Family to the Divine