New Moon Holy Bath (Datta Abishek)

Wednesday, June 9th 2021
Dattatreya Temple, Divine Mother Center, Laytonville CA, USA
2:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Full and New Moon events for healing and raising consciousness are free, open to everyone, and are broadcast every full moon, new moon, and other auspicious times of the year. This process begins by singing prayers to the divine Father, followed by abishek (holy bath) of the Center’s Dattatreya murthi, and a fire puja. 

These are sacred spiritual processes used since ancient times to bring powerful divine blessings to you and the world.

Divine Mother Center’s new and full moon abisheks are one and one-half hours long. New and full moon fire pujas are one hour long and take place after the abishek. 

Please join us and pray for what you and your loved ones need. Fire pujas work over long distances and send the highest positive energy anywhere to bring prosperity, success in our lives, and fulfill our desires. You and your loved ones will receive the healing energy during the fire puja even if you’re not able to join the ceremony live. Know the miracle energy is flowing to you and reaching you wherever you are in the world.

Benefits of Joining

  • Curing diseases
  • Healing heartbreak
  • Releasing stress, negativity, and stuck energy
  • Washing out depression and feelings of personal failure
  • Strengthening willpower and mental clarity
  • Solving problems
  • Business success
  • Spiritual growth
  • Raising and maintaining your soul’s vibration
  • Bringing happiness, health, and prosperity


Support Resources

We invite you to subscribe to this FREE online Pujas for Peace Curriculum where you can learn all puja mantras, watch videos and download free pictures and teachings from the ancient knowledge.

When you offer a coconut, you will be prayed for and receive a distance healing blessing transmission from a dedicated spiritual community with decades of experience in working with the ancient knowledge and spiritual practices.