Guru Purnima 2019 In-Person Retreat

Saturday, July 13th 2019 - Wednesday, July 17th 2019
Divine Lineage Healing Center, Laytonville CA, USA
All Day


In the Sai Yuga, after some changes and destruction, things will go very peacefully.

It will be a Yuga of love. A Yuga of understanding one another, loving each other, communicating with each other, being truthful, honest, sincere, showing sympathy, mercy and kindness to each other. It will last for a thousand years.

In the Sai Yuga, everyone will be sympathetic, kind and very spiritual. Everyone will want to know about God, and love, and to understand each other. It will be very easy to find God because Shirdi Baba will be working with everybody.

- Sri Kaleshwar

As human beings, we are in one of the biggest transitions in history. Divine qualities like unconditional love, forgiveness, and discernment, once associated with only a few rare holy men and women, are now all of ours to embody out of necessity.

How do we meet this challenge from a place of non-action and understanding in the midst of our own awakening, karmas, and the chaos of the world?

We can so easily connect to the Guru’s grace and transformative love during Guru Purnima. It’s the perfect time to ask these questions and receive clarity.

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Unlock your own creative potential to create positive solutions for yourself, community, and the world through a deepening relationship with the Guru's grace in the pristine nature of Northern California.

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