Shivaratri 2019

Friday, March 1st 2019 - Tuesday, March 5th 2019
Divine Lineage Healing Center, Laytonville CA, USA
All Day

S H I V A R A T R I   2 0 1 9 
A Shakti Meditation Process to Merge with Shiva

Merging with Shiva is nothing but merging with the elements completely. There is no sensation.

You won’t feel anything, just quiet, amazing bliss and amazing peace.
A layer of peace is covering around you. It’s the same as when you’re in the mother’s womb.

Once you’re in the mother’s womb there’s nothing but bliss there.

- Sri Kaleshwar

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Shiva is the one who will take blocks, limitations and problems from you. Unworthiness, insecurity, guilt, feeling left out, all angles of torturing yourself. When you merge with Shiva, naturally you realize you are free of your limitations. 

Shiva is easily pleased, this is one of His special characteristics. He accepts you even if you only ask once. The smallest act of devotion, offering a leaf or a drop of water, is enough. His compassion is infinite.

As a participant of this process, you will practice a simple daily meditation process to merge with Shiva and experience your true nature: boundless, infinite bliss.