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Promoting the highest spiritual values of service, humility, kindness, sympathy, forgiveness, generosity, and unity.

Peace Fires, Global Movement Uniting People for World Peace & Healing


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Thank you for 'being with us' I know that personally, I am feeling, sensing, and knowing a deep connection with my Sai family worldwide, and of course the Guru Parampara. I feel we are becoming or have already become a cohesive group dedicated to healing, helping, and serving humanity. How beautiful for our group connection to be ongoing. M.L, New York, New York







Serving One Human Family

The Divine Lineage Healing Center is a non-profit healing and meditation retreat center where the spiritual practices from the ancient palm leaf manuscripts of India are implemented to create peace and healing in the world. The timeless formulas from the ancient knowledge reveal the secrets to improving and elevating every aspect of human life: creating happiness, prosperity, loving relationships, conscious pregnancy and parenting, healing the body, mind and soul at the deepest level, and ultimately to become a ‘soul healer’ for humanity like Jesus, Buddha or Shirdi Baba.

The Divine Lineage Healing Center is a Shiva/Shakti power spot located in the remote forest of Mendocino County in Laytonville, Northern California. The deep silence, pristine Nature and divine spiritual vibrations of a this holy power spot we practice and share powerful shakti-energy processes.

At the Center, ancient formulas are used to generate high healing vibrations. Long-distance healing and energy transmissions are sent to individuals around the whole world. These positive vibrations generated from these processes help to purify and uplift not only the surrounding environment but they go out to the whole world.

The Divine Lineage Healing Center’s long-distance courses, in-person programs and charitable activities have touched the lives of thousands of people in the United States and around the world since its founding in 2004. The Center is generating high positive vibrations to bring healing into people’s lives now and to uplift humanity for many generations to come.

Our Mission: Teaching and Preparing Powerful Healers for Humanity

Our mission is teach and prepare powerful healers for humanity. To train healers who will create universal peace, harmony and wisdom. Then create future generations of real healers who can understand and give soul blessings, who will dedicate their lives to helping society and taking care of the people’s suffering. Everyone needs to become a powerful healer to the world. 

With the ancient formulas, you can receive healing energy step-by-step. There are many layers of healing capabilities, many layers of miracle stages, many layers to understand the cosmic. 

Each city must have more than forty to fifty healers, powerful masters to awaken people, to magnetize the truth in people. The people are sleeping now. Everyone is just coming and going, being born and dying. Why did we come on this Earth? Did we come just to make a good life, to have a wife or husband and children, to make money and enjoy ourselves, and finally to die? Is that the reason? What is the real purpose? To know the truth is why you came on this planet. 

Our History 

The Divine Lineage was founded in 2004 (under the name Divine Assistants International) as non-profit 501 (c) (3) educational, spiritual and charitable organization for the public good. Two years later we were formally recognized as a church under US law.  In 2005, the present Divine Lineage Healing Center in Laytonville, California was begun as the center of Divine Lineage’s global online operations and activities.