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We are in the mission to create the satya (truth), dharma (duty), shanti (peace), and prema (love), to bring these four things out. That is our life ambition. We have to. Otherwise there is no purpose to our humanity, to our life. Bring satya, dharma, shanti, and prema to the world. In order to do that, we need first to maintain self-discipline, and number two, dedication to your job and to your work, whatever your life might be…We have to have dedication with self-discipline. The self-discipline means taking care, not only your physical activities, but also (taking care of) your loyalty, your love, your dharma, all the unbelievable great, good qualities coming from you. (Maintain with discipline) your forgiveness and phenomena of love. That helps to create the real nectar (for the world). And it will also create the nectar in your life too.




Thank you for 'being with us' I know that personally, I am feeling, sensing, and knowing a deep connection with my Sai family worldwide, and of course the Guru Parampara. I feel we are becoming or have already become a cohesive group dedicated to healing, helping, and serving humanity. How beautiful for our group connection to be ongoing. M.L, New York, New York  


Kathryn, how on Earth did you find this? This is the highest spiritual knowledge on the planet. The knowledge of Jesus. This is the very knowledge Jesus studied when he was in India. Jesus is part of this divine lineage. I’m very surprised. You have found true gold. This knowledge is no joke. If you ever wondered how Jesus could perform miracles this is it. Some of these people could change water into wine like Jesus did. Healing abilities as well, but you have to be very dedicated to grow into it. This is my path. Glad you found it. -Isa Kabir Sundara (from Facebook)

A Power Spot Creating Positive Energy for the World

Providing Ancient Solutions for Today’s Problems

At the Divine Lineage Healing Center we practice ancient spiritual formulas taught to us directly by Sri Kaleshwar. The source of these formulas are palm leaf manuscripts from India, some many thousands of years old. From the Healing Center’s sacred grounds we specialize year round in long-distance meditation programs, personalized distance healings, and full and new moon fire ceremonies and holy baths (abisheks) that transmit healing and blessing energy to each participant no matter where you are on the globe. Our programs are open to all regardless of spiritual paths, religions, or beliefs, and no prior meditation experience is required.

What’s needed is the perfect formula to practice and powerful transmissions of miraculous energy. Together the two are like gas to a flame and the result is a deep healing that clears the path for you to create whatever you may need in your day-to-day life, such as health, prosperity, peace of mind and a nourishing relationship.  It also paves the way for your divine life to unfold, for example giving birth to a spiritually awakened child, becoming a supernatural healer, or having a direct, eyes-open experience of both the male and female aspect of God. Health, peace and enlightenment today is for the many, not just for a chosen few.

Sri Kaleshwar Performing 'Trineytra Darshan Transmission' 2011


Worship Using the Five Elements

God’s energy flows through each of the five elements - earth, fire, sky, water, and air. As the natural generators, operators, and destroyers of the cosmic energy of creation, the five elements are the fundamental building blocks of creation and are essential to all the ancient Indian spiritual knowledge and practices of the Divine Lineage. Every form of worship we practice is based upon this fundamental principle and utilizes uses this knowledge of the five elements to connect with God’s divine healing and blessing vibrations.

The five elements are essential to all forms of worship based on the ancient palm leaf manuscript knowledge.

Through awakening an individual’s connection to the five elements’ their direct personal relationship with the Divine is awakened and developed. It is through the five elements that a person receives healing and healing abilities are awakened. 


Excerpted from the ‘Gifts of Sri Shirdi Sai Baba



Dattatreya Aarathi, Divine Lineage Healing Center


Holy Offering of Light (Aarathi)

Aarathi is an offering to the divine performed by waving an aspect of the fire element in a clockwise direction in front of a form representing a manifestation of god. Participants watch the flame being waved during aarathi to connect with and receive god’s consciousness and cosmic energy. Aarathi paatalu is singing songs in praise of the divine during the aarathi. Deepa aarathi is offering the natural light of an open flame. Duupa haarathi is offering burning incense or other smoke. Karpuura aarathi is offering lighted camphor. Each of these forms of aarathi is used during the Divine Lineage services. 


Dattatreya Holy Bath (Abishek), Divine Lineage Healing Center


Holy Bath (Abishek)

Abishek is the ritual bathing a murthi (statue of a deity, divine soul or saint), or other sacred object. These murthis are considered to be power objects, suffused with divine energy vibrations by a saint or holy person. The Divine Lineage broadcasts abishek of the murthis of Ganesh and Dattatreya each new and full moon, and on other auspicious occasions. During an abishek, the murthi or holy object is washed with a variety of purifying liquids (e.g. water, milk, cream, honey, ghee) and sacred offerings (e.g. bananas, sacred herbs, lotus petals, sandalwood powder) while continuously chanting mantras and prayers. This washing, prayer, and ritual offering of holy items to the murthi generates powerful positive vibrations which is transmitted to those watching, and those whose names are being prayed for during the process. They are receiving the high positive vibrations of the abishek, which is washing negativity from their lives. At the end of the abishek, blessed offerings (prasad) are collected and distributed to the participants to drink or eat. Through witnessing an abishek, contributing to the washing through prayer or singing, or partaking of the prasad, participants bring god’s healing vibrations into their body, mind, heart and soul.

In 2008, Sri Kaleshwar promised that his soul would enter the Dattatreya statue every full and new moon for thousands of years, to continue to bless his students after his mahasamadhi.

During the abishek on the new and full moons, you can easily connect to his soul. While the Dattatreya is receiving the holy bath, look at the statue, especially the eyes, and open your heart to receive his blessing.

In 2012, the Dattatreya statue cried at precisely the same time as Sri Kaleshwar’s body was being laid to rest in Penukonda. It was a miraculous blessing for all those who witnessed it. Read more …


Sacred Fire Ceremony (Puja), Divine Lineage Healing Center


New and Full Moon Sacred Fire Ceremonies (Pujas)

New and Full moons are powerful times in the ongoing energy cycles of nature and one of the peak times to connect to high positive and divine energies to decharge stress and negativity, purify negative karmas, and charge high vibrations to our souls and bodies.

One of the most powerful techniques to connect to the powerful energies during the full and new moon timings is a sacred fire ceremony (puja). Yagyam is a sacred fire puja that utilizes a dhuni, or ritual fire pit. During a fire puja, one or more people feed the fire with sacred offerings while chanting mantras and prayers. At the same time other participants sitting around the fire sing prayers, chanting mantra aloud, or pray silently. Participants use their eyes to connect to the god’s cosmic energy through the fire element. It is through the fire element too that high divine vibrations are received and transmitted to long distances. It is a time when the burning or transformation of personal, community, or global karmas is achieved through the offerings to the fire and the intentions (sankalpams) of those participating in this ancient sacred practice. For more about the power of fire pujas click here.


Sri Kaleshwar & Shirdi Sai Baba


Disciplines for Daily Living

Be in the Light, then the light will be in you, then you are the light.

Be a light unto the world.

Disciplines for daily living (niyamas or spiritual canons) are spiritual instructions integral to the ancient Indian spiritual tradition. These disciplines serve to guide any person’s day-to-day life as they seek a greater authentic personal relationship with the divine. These general disciplines are intended to help anyone lead their daily life in greater alignment with the highest human moral values, find success and happiness in their families and businesses, and support their personal spiritual practices and processes bringing the individual soul closer to god-realization. With practice and inspiration, these disciplines will lead to individual and collective realization of satya (truth), dharma (right action), shanti (peace) and prema (love). These Disciplines are broad strokes intended as guidelines - each individual must follow their heart in all things.

  • Practice faith and patience in all ways.
  • Speak truthfully to god, self, and others. Use beautiful and kind words whenever you can.
  • Practice love, forgiveness, and compassion for all.
  • Give thanks to your parents for the priceless gift of your human incarnation – help, honor, and respect your earthly mother and father throughout your life. Honor
  • family relationships.
  • Practice charity and generosity) - share whatever you can spare with others.
  • Open your heart to all around you - grow God’s love in your own heart each day. Celebrate another’s success.
  • Practice moderation in all things except your love for God.
  • Be accepting and thankful for whatever you receive. Find happiness in what God has given you each day.
  • Practice keeping the company of spiritual community and engage regularly in satsang (community spiritual discussion).
  • Offer the results of all actions to God; Engage yourself
  • in useful activity each day as God’s instrument. Fulfill
  • your duties, works, and practices with faithful inspiration and discipline. accept gratefully all results as God’s fair judgment.
  • Worship God in your preferred way daily – mantra (repetitive prayer), seva (selfless service), bhajan (devotional singing), jnana (study of knowledge), bhakti (devotion, contemplation, discussion, or sadhana (practice). Give priority to your relationship with God.
  • Spend time enjoying the company of your family and friends regularly; go together once a week to visit a holy place such as a temple, synagogue, church, or pure Nature. Teach your children to know God.
  • Seek to know the truth for yourself, and stand for the truth.
  • First do yourself what you would ask of others. Always pay your own way whenever possible.
  • Practice complete surrender to God. Accept life with neitherjJudgment nor praise.
  • Remember that the impurities of the human identity –‘negative emotions’ such as egoism, unworthiness, jealousy, anger, selfishness, or blame – are natural.
  • Identify your ‘negative emotions’ honestly, Put boundaries around them, do your best to purify them, and surrender to God for help.
  • Ahimsa Paramo Dharma (Hurt Never) - do good deeds whenever possible, even for those who treat you with ill will.
  • Maintain stitha pregnatha - calm, balanced mind; listen well always, practice silence regularly, and develop self-satisfaction.
  • Be positive always – live in the positive and die in the positive. Do not worry.
  • Accept the advice of the divine masters with humility, gratitude, and surrender.
  • Practice, promote, and protect the divine knowledge of the ancient Indian spiritual tradition; respect and honor the teachers in the lineage of divine masters, the Guru parampara.
  • Do not compare yourself with any other person; God is the only authentic judge.
  • Follow Vaastu (Vedic architecture) whenever possible in the places where you live and work.
  • Live a simple, clean, and uncluttered life, having only what is necessary to live your life and do your work.
  • Follow a pure vegetarian diet with non-fertilized eggs and fish whenever possible (with exceptions for health reasons).
  • Serve your community, be a light in the darkness; spend time with those in hospitals, retirement homes, orphanages, and other needy communities at least one day a week.
  • Practice hospitality – befriend the suffering.
  • Create and maintain holy altars in your home and worship there daily. Use pictures, icons, or statues of the divine that touch your heart. Keep this area of your home especially clean and uncluttered.
  • Practice ‘aham brahmasmi ‘ - See God everywhere in everything.