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Reading the Sri Sai Satcharitra: An Act of Prayer at Baba’s Feet - By William Song (TEXT & AUDIO)

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Shirdi Sai Baba, The Universal Master, by Sri Kaleshwar

Included in the new rendition of the Sri Sai Satcharitra is artwork by artists inspired by Shirdi Baba. 

Original art by William Song


A new yuga started in 2000, it is the Sai Yuga.  In the Sai Yuga, everybody will love Shirdi Baba. Whoever has Baba’s picture in their house will have unbelievable energy and blessings from him. If anyone just thinks of him, “Oh Baba, I love you.” Then he says, “I love you too.


Original art by Christinea Johnson


It will be a Yuga of love. A Yuga of understanding one another, loving each other, communicating with each other, being truthful, honest, sincere, showing sympathy, mercy and kindness to each other...


Original art by Robin Strayhorn


In the Sai Yuga, everyone will be sympathetic, kind and very spiritual. Everyone will want to know about God, and love, and to understand each other. It will be very easy to find God because Shirdi Baba will be working with everyone.


Original art by William Webster


It will be very easy to attain enlightenment. The way to God in the Sai Yuga is Baba's nature - service. Love all, serve all, to see humanity as one, to see every human as good, and to make people happy.

Original art by Andreas Bittmann


If you would like to learn more about these artists and their work, please contact us.



"Thank you so, so, so much for rendering the Sri Sai Satcharitra!!! So much bliss I am feeling. Being able to read Baba's leelas is touching my heart in the depth. With the adapted version of Monika, Baba's grace is flowing directly into me. How can I thank you?" L.W., Leipzig, Germany

"Phenomenal, Monika, and all those who made this a reality. I am so touched to receive this today. "J.B., United Kingdom

"The new Baba site and the ''new'' Sai Satcharita is a gift beyond words. I have had so wonderful experiences reading it every day. Something really changed - the book came alive and the words from William (Song) deeply touched me and were part of my experience." I.S., Bavaria, Germany

Sri Sai Satcharitra

This new rendering of the Sri Sai Satcharitra by the Divine Lineage’s Spiritual Director, Monika of Penukonda, makes the language of this sacred text more accessible to modern English speakers. The benefits of regular readings of the Satcharitra are innumerable, not only bringing wisdom and enlightenment, but the curing of any kind of problem and obstacles. It also brings support in all the endeavors of your life.

The Power of Reading Baba’s Stories

If a man utters my name with love, I shall fulfill all his wishes and increase his devotion. If he sings earnestly of my life and my deeds, I shall surround him in front and back and on all sides. Those devotees who are attached to me heart and soul will naturally feel happiness when they hear these stories. Believe me, if anybody sings my leelas I will give him infinite joy and everlasting happiness. ~ Shirdi Sai Baba 

Shirdi Baba Slideshow

Shirdi Sai Baba — A Miraculous Avadhut

The avadhut lives in the awareness of Aham Brahmasmi – everything is God. They are one with all of Creation. They live in the awareness of ultimate reality while living in a body. They are a ‘little off’ from this planet. They are outside the boundaries of time and space, yet are completely present to everything that is taking place. They have sankalpam siddhi, whatever they will happens. They have a special relationship with the Nature; they command on the Nature. They can make the rain start and the wind stop or make fire appear out of the earth, as Baba did with his miraculous stick. Or turn water into oil using the saliva from his mouth. Baba was the supreme miraculous master, miracles spontaneously happened around him all the time. They are still happening today.

The Guidance, Love and Support of Shirdi Baba

He is watching over the entire universe and each and every one of us. To understand the mystery of Sai is our blessing and our way. Through listening to and meditating on his life and his leelas (play) our false understanding is removed and we recognize that we are one with him and all that is. There is no greater bliss than to experience his love and living presence among us.  

The divine stories of Baba’s life, his leelas, are inscrutable, miraculous and amazing. We can listen to the original stories of his life, and recognize that he is creating new stories now, new leelas in each of our lives. He is the Director. He is the real Doer. Sri Kaleshwar loved to say that Baba creates the problem, then creates the solution. He is at work in each of our lives creating the situations we need to learn the spiritual qualities of faith, patience, devotion, forbearance, generosity, humility, dispassion, discrimination and egolessness. His simple words to his devotees during his life who were both Muslim and Hindu – don’t fight. He loved all equally and taught that all are equal. He, as the sadguru, is here to remove the ignorance that you are different from him, that you are separate. You are not different from God. You are Divine. You are God. After he fulfills your needs and desires, he creates faith in you that leads you to the awareness of that ultimate reality, where there is no difference between you. You are the Supreme Consciousness, the same as he. 

Everything can be gained by thinking on Baba. When we focus on him, he is there. He wants us to read his stories, that is his instruction to us. He demonstrated to the devotees over and over through his innumerable leelas that he was indeed omniscient. He knew everything about everyone, as he knows everything about each of us. 

Reading the Sri Sai Satcharitra: An Act of Prayer at Baba’s Feet

By William Song, co-editor of the new rendering of the Sri Sai Satcharitra

What would each of us not give to be able to be in the presence of Baba and to speak to him? To have him speak to us? When one enters into this book deeply, that is exactly what is happening. You are with Baba. This book is alive. His consciousness is in the words. And when you approach the book with stillness you’re not approaching the book through mental activity, rather you’re letting your entire body energetically absorb the life force of his words and the life force of consciousness. During these periods of sustained immersion with the energy of the book, I really real­ized that to open your heart and to be with this book is literally to be having your head at Baba’s feet. That you are literally, immediately in his presence, within his consciousness and allowing his consciousness to flood in, in place of your own egoic consciousness and that is a state of pure bliss. Listen below.



Being with Shirdi Sai Baba

By William Song, October 3, 2014 Inauguration, Shirdi Sai Baba Temple

Shirdi Baba Stotram

What is a Stotram?

Stotram is a Sanskrit word for a hymn addressed to the Divine. Stotrams can be in the forms of prayers or the chanting and praising of the different forms of the Divine such as Jesus or Shirdi Baba. Stotrams are made up of slokas, sacred verses, each of which represent a divine quality.  

As we recite each sloka of a stotram, we are connecting to those aspects of the Divine that we are honoring. It raises our consciousness to develop the divine qualities we are praising.

Connecting to Shirdi Baba Through Chanting the Stotram

Chanting the Shirdi Baba stotram is a beautiful way to connect and cultivate a personal relationship with Baba and experience his presence with us.

Baba said, “If a man utters my name with love, I shall fulfill all his wishes, and increase his devotion. And if he sings earnestly of my life and my deeds, I shall surround him in front and back, and on all sides. Believe me, that if anybody sings my leelas (play) and surrenders to me, I will give him infinite joy and ever lasting contentment.” 

The Shirdi Sai Baba stotram is a heartful prayer, which is connected to no specific religion. In Shirdi Sai Baba’s lifetime, he created a bridge connecting all religions, showing that we all are one, and that the true religion is the practice of love, forgiveness, faith and patience. This stotram, sung for almost a hundred years, consists of 108 ‘glorious’ names of Shirdi Sai Baba, reflecting his extraordinary life and deeds. 

 Shirdi Baba Stotram Transliteration, Telugu and Meaning (PDF)

Shirdi Baba Stotram Video