Guru Parampara

The master and student relationship is beyond any relationship on this planet. That bond, that relationship, is immortal. It's forever and ever for many lifetimes. You really need to carry that relationship with the Guru Parampara.

Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami

(January 8, 1973 - March 15, 2012)


Sri Sai Kaleshwara Swami, a modern spiritual master in the lineage of Shirdi Sai Baba, Jesus Christ, Mother Mary, Babaji, Ramakrishna Paramahamsa and Ramana Maharshi. Sri Kaleshwar, as he is called, was born on January 8th, 1973 in Cuddapa, a small village in the State of Andhra Pradesh in Southern India.  While remarkable occurrences happened around him as a child, Sri Kaleshwar had no real interest in spirituality until what he calls his ‘enlightenment day’ when he was fourteen years old.

That day, while he was studying for exams in an abandoned temple, he noticed an old man sitting in one corner watching him. The man had a beard, a cloth wrapped around his head, a begging bowl and a stick. The old man asked him for coins, which the young Kaleshwar gave him. The next day, when the boy returned to study, the old man was there, once again, begging coins. On the third day, when asked for coins Kaleshwar said that he had no change. The old man replied, “You have 50 rupees with you.” The boy reached into his pocket and was surprised to find a 50-rupee note that he had forgotten was there. Puzzled, he asked, “How did you know that?”

“I know about you,” the old man said, smiling. “It’s true.”

Then, the old man offered the young boy rotten food from his begging bowl. Kaleshwar responded with a grimace, “Why are you eating this food? That’s why your health is so bad. I’ll bring food from the house, don’t worry.” The old man looked at him with tears in his eyes.

Just then, the old man revealed important knowledge to Kaleshwar. Afterwards, he tapped his begging bowl three times and the once ‘rotten’ food was then steaming hot and its delicious aroma filled the small temple.

Kaleshwar was amazed but afraid. “Who are you? Why are you doing this magic?”

“I am Shirdi Baba. Just taste my food a little to see if you like it,” he said, putting a spoonful in Kaleshwar’s hand. It was delicious. Shirdi Baba kept putting spoonfuls of food in Kaleshwar’s hand, which he gladly ate. Kaleshwar ate until he was full then went to wash his hands at the nearby water tap. He was gone only a couple of minutes, but when he returned, Shirdi Baba was nowhere to be found. From where he stood, Kaleshwar could see a great distance in every direction; Shirdi Baba had mysteriously disappeared leaving no trace except his footprints in the dust. But, he had left a gift for Kaleshwar: there in the corner, leaning against the temple wall, was Shirdi Baba’s stick.

Extremely confused by Shirdi Baba’s ‘miraculous’ disappearance, Kaleshwar’s heart was racing. He went home and recounted the story to his mother. His mother listened, but told him it was probably just a dream. “Oh, you’re always being silly,” she said to him.

He stuck out his hand. “You see this stick?” Kaleshwar said. It was no dream.

After that, Kaleshwar began to see Shirdi Baba in his dreams and hear his voice. “Why are you so afraid? I’m your Grandfather. I’m a Grandfather to all the people. You’re a global person. You’re a global person.” Shirdi Baba told him that he had important spiritual work to do in the world and invited him to come to Shirdi, the town where Baba had lived when he was alive and the site of his samadhi tomb, now one of the holiest pilgrimage shrines in India.

With great resolve, Kaleshwar begged his parents’ permission to go to Shirdi. They were very much against it. After days of arguments, during which he went on a hunger strike, he was allowed to travel 800 miles to the small village where Baba had lived. When he placed his head on Baba’s samadhi (tomb) he heard Baba’s voice clearly, “I have been waiting for you. Now is the right time.” Soon after, the young Kaleshwar began displaying miraculous powers and healing abilities. Shirdi Baba had opened his divine channels. His true dharma, his spiritual work, had begun. He was fourteen years old.



For the next decade, Kaleshwar did intense spiritual practices and traveled throughout India.  Shirdi Baba led him to palm leaf books containing ancient knowledge revealed to the saints and sages many thousands of years ago.

The palm leaf manuscripts contained the mysteries of Creation, such as the mechanics of miracles and healing, how to create divine children, and numerous ways to achieve direct experiences with the divine. They contain sacred formulas that when correctly practiced awaken the incredible capability hidden within each soul. “Every soul has the potential to reach the level of a Shirdi Baba or Jesus,” Sri Kaleshwar said, “and contribute amazing things to the world.”  Through the practices given in the palm leaves, one could awaken the soul’s true capacity. He explained that the only real difference between a master and a student is knowledge. The world needed this knowledge. It was key to making real change in the world. 

Though he was already enlightened and possessed immense spiritual power, for years Sri Kaleshwar researched and practiced the formulas prescribed in the palm leaves.  He did this to receive blessings from the Divine Mother and to teach the sacred formulas to his students. Everything he taught, he tested himself first. They are the same ancient formulas studied and mastered by Jesus and other maharishis in India.  In the past, the information in the palm leaves was kept secret, given only to a few.  However, now was the time, Sri Kaleshwar said, to make it readily available to help heal the world’s suffering and transform the way spirituality is practiced on the planet. 



During this period of intense spiritual study Sri Kaleshwar established his ashram, Shiva Sai Mandir, in Penukonda, a small village in Andhra Pradesh.  From this ancient spiritual land, Sri Kaleshwar began his global mission to train healers and spiritual masters to bring healing and enlightenment to the globe; to introduce Shirdi Sai Baba and his teachings to the West; to bring back the ancient channels practiced by Jesus, and to reveal the reality of Jesus’ life in India as written in the palm leaves.  At the core of this divine mission is Sri Kaleshwar’s lifelong dedication to uplift and empower women, to train and educate them with what they needed to implement their true divine power which would help create a more compassionate society.  One of the ways Sri Kaleshwar accomplished this is by reconnecting his students, both female and male, to the Divine Mother. The Divine Mother is the source of miracle energy.



God is both Father and Mother, but the female aspect of Creation has been forgotten and ignored. It is the Divine Mother who is the supreme Creator, receiving the seed from the Father and then giving everything form. Sri Kaleshwar said, “Mother Divine is the mother to every soul in this universe.  She doesn’t belong to any religion at all, the Mother is the universal God/Goddess.” The entirety of Nature and each person living within it is in fact an expression of the Divine Mother.   Sri Kaleshwar said, “In each person there is a fire, a light.  See that light.  That is She.” 

It is through reconnecting to the Mother that we receive both the deepest healing and healing abilities.  When we experience Her we recognize the truth of who we are. By the grace of the master and the practice of the sacred formulas of mantra and yantra prescribed in the palm leaf books one can have a direct and personal relationship with the Divine Mother.  Sri Kaleshwar teaches that it is through the feminine energy that change will happen on this planet. Both women and men must reawaken their connection to the Divine Mother and become channels of Her divine shakti in the world. 

At his ashram in Penukonda and programs around the world, Sri Kaleshwar demonstrated the miraculous energy and gave direct experiences of the Divine to his students and devotees. He is the author of numerous books, including Shirdi Sai Baba – The Universal Master, and his seminal work The Real Life and Teachings of Jesus Christ. For fifteen years, Sri Kaleshwar dedicated the majority of his time to training thousands of Western students from America, Europe and Japan. Sri Kaleshwar said that the spiritual awakening must come, “From the West to the East, not from the East to the West.”  The West needs to become a sacred place where the ancient knowledge is shared, practiced and implemented to create a more peaceful, loving world.  Once this happens it will return to the East. This is the fulfillment of the ancient divine mission. 



In addition to teaching healing techniques and enlightenment channels, Sri Kaleshwar placed equal emphasis practicing Bhagavan Seva, serving God by helping humanity. He said, “There is no enlightenment without helping humanity – be loyal to humanity. Be loyal and royal, help the poor.”  Throughout his life, Sri Kaleshwar tirelessly served the needy.  He is known for a vast number of humanitarian projects in Andhra Pradesh that focused on hunger relief, education, medical assistance, social welfare and infrastructure development. Hundreds of thousands of people have benefited from these programs.  Sri Kaleshwar embodied the teaching that our lives and actions must serve and take care of society, leaving a divine fragrance long after we are gone.

On March 15th, 2012 Sri Kaleshwar left his physical body and entered mahasamadhi. During his lifetime, he said that when he was no longer restricted by his body his consciousness would be a million times more powerful and accessible to his students. This is not limited to those who were with him when he was alive.  In fact, when Sri Kaleshwar was in the body he shared that he spent 50% of his meditation time connecting with the souls of his future students.  He said, “I am working with millions of students to come.” Just as Shirdi Baba was a living force in Sri Kaleshwar’s life directing his spiritual practice, Sri Kaleshwar’s consciousness is very much available to all those seeking his guidance and love now.

While Sri Kaleshwar performed countless healings and miracles during his lifetime and spent thousands of hours revealing the most profound knowledge, he said that his greatest gift to the world was his students. He worked to create a divine lineage of masters and healers who would in turn help other souls to become the same. There are numerous students all over the world who were certified by Sri Kaleshwar to give healings and to teach the knowledge that he taught.

During this period of great darkness and negativity on the planet, Sri Kaleshwar said there also exists a very special opportunity for accelerated healing and soul development.  Now is the moment to become what he called a soul scientist, “In front of God, once you know the perfect formula, the right channel and the right energy, everything is possible.”


Shirdi Sai Baba

(circa 1830 – October, 15th 1918) 



Shirdi Sai Baba is one of India’s greatest and most beloved saints. He is an incarnation of Shiva and a Dattatreya avatar, as well as Sri Kaleshwar’s master. Revered in India as Yogi Raja, the King of Yogis, Baba possessed the highest supernatural capabilities. Though he could have lived like royalty, Baba spent his entire life as a mendicant, begging alms in the tiny village of Shirdi in Maharshasta State. Over time he came to receive millions of rupees from his devotees, but always gave everything away to the poor.

Baba came to live in Shirdi by the order of his master Venkusa, who told his young student that he must spend the rest of his life in the remote town. Before sending Baba on his way Venkusa gave him a brick with strict instructions that he was to sleep on it every night without exception. Upon arriving in Shirdi, Baba was met with extreme hostility from the villagers. So he sat under a nearby neem tree where he engaged in austere spiritual practice while open to all the elements. There he remained for 18 years until the villagers finally recognized his greatness as a healer.

For the next fifty years Baba lived in a dilapidated mosque he named Dwarkamai. Yet inside this mosque Hindu rituals were performed. Adding to everyone’s confusion, Baba was also known to regularly quote from the holy scriptures of both Islam and Hinduism. No one knew for certain what faith he belonged to and each group wanted to claim him as their own. However, Baba was everything and belonged to everyone. Never answering the question, he only replied, “All human beings are one. Our religion is humanity. God is One.” Truly a living embodiment of the unity of all religions, Baba was regularly worshipped by Hindus, Muslims and Christians alike.

An important source of information on Baba’s great and often mysterious life is his authorized biography The Sri Sai Satcharita, which describes his teachings, miracles and day-to-day interactions with devotees. Much of Baba’s time was spent in the Dwarkamai sitting in front of his dhuni, sacred fire, taking on the pain and suffering of the world. Countless wonders were demonstrated by Baba during the course of his lifetime including giving sight to the blind, healing the incurably sick, rescuing devotees from dangerous situations, changing water into oil, appearing in different places at once, and also dying and coming back to life after three days. Through his unique, one-on-one style of working with those who came before him Baba called for tolerance and peace between all people. His message also placed primary importance on strong devotion to God and dedicating oneself to humanity through service.

On October 15th, 1918 Baba left his physical body and took Mahasamadhi. In doing so he saved the life of one of his most beloved devotees and friends, Tatya. Though he left behind no formal teachings or disciples, before exiting his body Baba gave “Eleven Assurances” to his devotees that he would be forever “active and vigorous” in the their lives from his tomb. One must only call on Baba with faith and his help is immediate. He said, “If you look to me, I look to you. If you cast your burden on me, I shall bear it. If you seek my advice and help, it shall be given to you at once. Even after I leave my body, I shall come to the aid of my devotees.”

Today The “Shirdi Sai Baba movement” is the fastest growing spiritual movement on the planet. Hailing from all corners of the globe his devotees are a rich and varied tapestry of people from every faith and socio-economic background. The village of Shirdi has now blossomed into the one of the world’s leading pilgrimage sites, with millions flocking to visit Baba’s tomb and Dwarkamai each year. Typically it takes centuries for a saint’s tomb to develop such an extraordinary level of prominence. 

Protection, guidance and miraculous healings continue to flow from Baba in ever growing abundance. Just as he did when he was in his physical body, Baba develops a deeply personal relationship with each of his devotees and becomes a vital presence in their lives. When describing his beloved master, Sri Kaleshwar said, “Baba is the soul doctor to make your soul healthy, happy and glorious.” Shirdi Sai Baba is a grandfather to the entire planet, forever working to uplift and unite all of humankind. Simply take one step towards Baba and he will take 99 towards you.

We would like to share with you the Eleven Assurances that Shirdi Baba gave to his devotees just before taking mahasamadhi. Download Shirdi Baba's 11 Assurances here.