Make a Deal with Baba

"If you ask, God will give anything." - Shirdi Baba

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Wealth should be the means to work out dharma. If it is used for per­sonal enjoy­ment, it is wasted. Unless you have given it before, you do not get it now. So the best way to receive is to give. Shirdi Baba


What to Ask Baba For


One thing to remember is that anything that we give to Baba he returns to us 100 times! That’s the nature of Baba’s generous heart.



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Shirdi Baba’s Biography


Shirdi Baba's 11 Assurances (PDF)


Shirdi Sai Baba, The Universal Master, by Sri Kaleshwar


Why Make a Deal with Baba?

Baba can give anything.

Ask Baba for what you want and need in your life.  Make a deal with him. Tell him what you will offer as karmic exchange. Energetically you need to give something back to God.

Whenever you want something very badly he gives it. There is a reason that when we ask we need to pay the bill when he is giving it.

This reason is karma; we need to give something back to him in order to balance the karmic slates. The greater the blessing we are asking for, the more we should give in exchange.


What Can You Give to Baba?

That is up to your heart. But it is good to think about what you are asking for and reflect an understanding of fair karmic exchange. Baba accepts all offerings made with a clear and open heart.

Deals fulfilled supporting the works of the Divine Lineage Healing Center powerfully increase your karmic benefits sharing the good karma (punyam) of our ongoing good works.


Give & Express Your Gratitude

Even if you don’t want to ask Baba for anything, you can express your gratitude to God by giving. The power of giving in this way is a powerful technique implemented in many spiritual traditions (eg. dakshina, tithing).


How to Give

The Divine Lineage Healing Center, in all activities and operations, is performing dharmic works through the guidance of Shirdi Baba and the lineage (Guru Parampara) of the divine father. There are many ways you can share in these good works.

Make a deal with Baba and in return for your blessings please help the Divine Lineage Healing Center take care of him and the dharma he is doing here.


Taking Care of Baba Meditation Temple

Contribute to the essential supplies for Baba’s temple supporting daily abishek and araathi, med­i­ta­tion retreats, online public teachings and conference calls, bha­jan broadcasts, and spe­cial processes.




Taking Care of Baba Dhuni

Contribute to supplies used maintaining Baba’s dhuni and supporting all New and Full Moon Pujas for Peace, Sudarshana and Maha Lakshmi fire pujas, as well as other special fire pujas and processes.




Taking Care of Dattatreya

Contribute to supplies necessary to maintain daily araathi pujas, New and Full Moon Dattatreya abisheks, as well as other special processes.