Dattatreya Pranic Pratishtha (Enlivening)
13th Anniversary Celebration




“There is a Datta statue. 
What Swami put there...I did the pratishtha. 
Pratishtha means, I made it. I gave the power to that statue... Dattatreya is the most amazing, powerful person who can stop Her illusion nets… A few people can see me there too, in the Datta statue. Who really has certain chakras, they’re really opened and they’re really able to see. Your Swami’s presence is also there and the Mother’s presence is also there.”
~ Sri Kaleshwar

Dattatreya Pranic Pratishtha (Enlivening) 

13th Anniversary Celebration 
Thurs., May 23rd

Participate from wherever you are in the world!


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What People Are Saying...

"Divine Lineage offers a unique platform combining ancient wisdom with modern technology while making it available and accessible in new ways to students worldwide. Many times have I also been completely immersed in the powerful healing energy transmissions received during online group meditations and fire ceremonies"

~ Helena Wirdemo, Karlskrona, Sweden


"Having recently participated in the Shivaratri program, I can say that the distance programs that Divine Lineage Healing Center offers are very educational and powerful. Any amount of time and money I have spent on programs is returned to me one hundred times over. I don’t know of anywhere else in the US where one can learn authentic ancient yogic channels and healing techniques"

~ Laura Fickett, South Bend, Indiana USA



Join us Thursday, May 23rd for a one-day event to celebrate the 13th anniversary of the Dattatreya statue being turned into a living power object. Thirteen years ago Sri Kaleshwar performed a yogic process called Pranic Pratishtha, installing a piece of his soul into the Dattatreya statue.

Through this remote blessing energy (shakti) processes you can connect to Sri Kaleshwar. Sri Kaleshwar said his soul energy would transmit divine shakti and bless the world for thousands of years through this statue. It is possible to have Sri Kaleshwar's darshan and the Divine Mother’s darshan through the power object he created. 

“Here (Divine Lineage Center) you'll have darshan of Mother and you'll have darshan of your Swami, and quite amazing experiences...” 

As a participant of this one-day event, join a Holy Milk Bath (Abishek) and Aarathi to Shirdi Baba, chanting of the Shirdi Baba Stotram (108 Holy Names), reading from the Sri Sai Satcharitra, a Healing Music (Bhajans) concert, and a Maha Milk Holy Bath (Abishek) to Dattatreya with remote blessing energy (shakti) transmission, sunset Aarathi to Dattatreya, and meditation.

By watching the Holy Baths (Abisheks), you will receive the divine vibrations being created by the union of the Shiva and Shakti energies of the power object (statue) and milk. 


Dattatreya Pranic Pratishtha (Enlivening) 
13th Anniversary Event 
Thursday, May 23, 2019 (Pacific)

Free Live Streaming   

Watch on divinelineage.org, YouTube, Facebook and Twitch

  • 6:30 am – 7:30 am Holy Milk Bath (Abishek) to Shirdi Baba with Aarathi, Stotram (108 Holy Names), and reading from the Sri Sai Satcharitra
  • 7:00 pm – 8:00 pm Healing Music (Bhajans) concert
  • 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm Maha Milk Holy Bath (Abishek) to Dattatreya with evening Aarathi and meditation

Instructions for how to join the Maha Milk Holy Bath (Abishek) to Dattatreya via private Zoom broadcast will be available right after you register. Please save this website link for later reference.




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Dattatreya Pranic Pratishtha 13th Anniversary
May 23, 2019

Call the master with your heart waves, the feeling of spiritual emotion inside you. Let go of old karma during these energy processes and free yourself to create something beautiful and new through divine grace. Offer whatever desires you hold in your heart and blessings you wish to receive from the divine as we celebrate the 13th Anniversary of the Dattatreya Pranic Pratishtha.