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Japa (sacred mantra meditation) is top, top, top, number one priority to charge your soul. There's nothing else in the universe that can charge that much high frequency to your soul. It's like a super charging to your soul battery. Then, generally, the negativity won't touch you that much once you're super charged. You have much willpower, confidence, the highest resistance power, and divine protection circles around you.

We don't need enormous things. A small seed of the right energy of the perfect formulas is enough.

The quiet mind gains peace and poise. - Shirdi Sai Baba

When your body is completely fulfilled with the vibrations of the five elements, then automatically your mind and your thoughts, your heart and your soul, start to open like a bud of a flower.



I wanted to let you know something about my experiences of the first group meditation which we just have finished. Mother's love spread all over us, me, you - everything. It's the first time, I am recognizing Her and Her supreme blessing... HUGE love, in all of us, in every being. It is Her love, enlightening every thing. L. W., Leipzig, Germany 


On the second day of the mother divine meditation, after reciting the group sankalpam to Her picture, I moved into a state of great sadness and longing to be blessed by Mother Divine to act as a vehicle for Her love and healing to the world.  This truth came from a deeper place in my heart than I have experienced before, with real anguish and a beginning realization of the suffering of the planet. J.R., Surrey, United Kingdom 


I just finished my evening meditation with our global group. The gratitude that is filling my heart from this process is MOST wonderful! Such a gift from the Guru Parampara... Jesus, Baba, Swami and Mother holding us all in her arms. Am noticing that my perceptions are changing with more awareness… seeing that the Divine could at any moment, change all of our lives around completely and just feeling a willingness for that to happen and letting go into acceptance. Yes, experiencing at a more intimate layer of myself that the Divine is in charge of everything and that prayers of providing service are being blessed and that we are all so very blessed every day. The Divine is really beside us, inside us, and helping us all the time. C. W., Santa Cruz, CA

Meditation Unlocks Our Hidden Potential

Modern science is discovering what the ancient sages have known since the beginning of time – meditation is the key to awakening our soul and unlocking its hidden potential.

Modern scientific studies reveal that meditation actually changes the anatomy of the brain and its functions. People who meditate grow bigger brains. Meditation increases gray matter in the brain, the indicator of intelligence and capability. Brains of meditators are larger than non-meditators and have less thinning gray matter as they age. Meditators are also are physiologically younger than their biological age.

Studies show meditation changes not only in the brain’s physical structure but its functioning: increase in attention span, sharpened focus and ability to concentrate, increased willpower, better memory, an ability to regulate emotions to create well-adjusted responses; and a increased ability to cultivate positive emotions.

The ancient sages taught that meditation is a great purifier, washing away karmas, mental impurities, fears and negative tendencies, ridding us of disease and making us skillful in whatever we do, and gives us the willpower to face life with equanimity. Meditation energy gives such kind of peace and inner strength. But these are signposts on the way. The ultimate aim of meditation is to reach our highest potential as human beings – to realize our union with the Divine and to develop the hidden powers of our soul.



What is Meditation? Meditation Is Emptying the Mind

Give up thoughts. That is happiness and also meditation. ~ Ramana Maharshi

The nature of the mind is to be in constant movement, thinking, doubting, judging, endless chatter from the minute we wake up until we go to sleep. There is no limit to the amount of doubt and confusion the mind can create. Most of our inner dialog, our ‘self talk’, is negative, a running commentary of judgments, presumptions and unexamined beliefs. We are in ‘our heads’, with the thoughts we have been cultivated from our past, from the culture and the collection of karmas we brought into this life. Through meditation we stop this movement of thought. Little by little, through repeated effort and patience, the thoughts become still and we discover the vast reality behind our thoughts.

The goal is to have complete control of our thinking so there is no movement of thought. When the mind is quiet, happiness naturally reveals itself, as our fundamental nature is happy and blissful.



You Are Not Your Thoughts

Hold to the idea, ‘I am not the mind, I see that I am thinking, I am watching my mind act,’ and each day the identification of yourself with thoughts and feelings will grow less, until at last you can entirely separate yourself from the mind and actually know it to be apart from yourself. ~ Vivekananda

Our normal condition is to live in our minds and believe our thoughts. We identify so strongly with our thoughts, we don’t recognize them as something apart from ourselves. We believe we are what we think, ‘I’m not good enough. I’m not smart enough. I’m unlucky in love. No matter what I do it is never enough.’ Through meditation we observe the process of our thinking and begin to detach from our thoughts. Thoughts no longer exert the same influence over us.

When we observe our thoughts we see they have no substance; they come and they go. They are as ephemeral as the passing clouds in the sky. Our thoughts, likes the clouds in the sky, are fleeting and impermanent, and therefore, unreal. Through the process of observing our inner world we become detached from thoughts which cause suffering and negatively creating our experience. The detachment we find in meditation spills out to our normal life, so that the thoughts and experiences that normally disturb us no longer affect us the same way.

Meditation is discovering who you are, your eternal self and your limited self, your ego, or what is in the way of your experience of your eternal self. It is watching and observing every angle of who you are, “When you learn about yourself,” Krishnamurti said, “Watch yourself. Watch the way you walk, how you eat, what you say, the gossip, the hate, the jealousy – if you are aware of all that in yourself, without any choice, that is part of meditation.”


There is only enemy with us – our mind. Our enemy is not any person. Our real enemy is our mind. It’s always in us; it’s always living in us. It’s always following us. Until the body dies it’s always with us. We must take care of it. When we can tie our mind up under our control, here is your life. Then you can overtake it very easily and see from here to any planet, you can create big channels to go anywhere. ~ Sri Kaleshwar


Your Soul Begins to Teach You

There is no other teacher but your own soul. –Vivekananda

When the mind becomes quiet, the soul wakes up as if from a deep sleep. Your soul begins to teach you about yourself and about the creation. The soul has unlimited knowledge and power. Your soul is a piece of God; the entire creation is hidden in your soul, just as a huge redwood tree is hidden inside a tiny seed. Whatever you need to know, wherever you want to go throughout the galaxies, whatever you want to see, you can experience from inside yourself. The soul will show everything to you. “When you sit in the deepest silence meditation stages, there is no need for anyone to teach you,” Sri Kaleshwar said, “Your heart automatically makes you receive a lot of information, beautiful thoughts, beautiful energy. The ones who discovered great things controlled their mind. If their minds were crazy, they wouldn’t discover anything. They focused on one subject and discovered it.”


The End of Sorrow and Dawning of Bliss

After you’ve done certain processes (mantra meditation), you will start to receive the nectar into your soul. Your soul will create happiness and make you feel such a great bliss, satchitananda. Then you will feel the bliss in you all the time, in your happy times and in your difficult times. You will start to see amazing things in your life. A light will always be around you protecting you. A light will be in you. Keep growing that. That will come with you every lifetime. ~ Sri Kaleshwar

The only way to end sorrow is through meditation. Everything within the sphere of thought ends in sorrow. Only meditation takes us out of the sphere of thought. The mind is constantly looking for happiness and satisfaction where it cannot be found. When we learn to turn our attention beyond our thoughts, we are freed from suffering and experience joy. The joys of this world are fleeting, but the joy of meditation is everlasting. Meditation teaches us to find happiness where it can be found, inside ourselves beyond the realm of thought. As Ramana Maharshi said, “Happiness is your nature. It is not wrong to desire it. What is wrong is seeking it outside when it is inside.”




Mantras Charges Your Soul with High Frequencies

Mantra repetition (japa) is the number one, top priority to charge your soul. Mantras are divine vibrations. They are like direct phone numbers to the cosmic. There is nothing else in the universe that can charge your soul with that much high frequency. It’s like a super charging of your soul battery. Your soul is like a vessel of cosmic energy once you start to put energy inside, then your vessel starts to expand automatically. ~ Sri Kaleshwar

Mantras are sacred words that have power to totally transform us. Japa is the silent repetition of a mantra or holy name. Every spiritual tradition has its mantras and holy names. The name Jesus is a mantra. Buddha is a mantra. There are many methods of meditation such as mindfulness, watching the breath and self-inquiry. However, the easiest and fastest way to charge the soul with high frequencies and to enter deep trance meditation is through repeating the mantras revealed in the ancient palm leaf manuscripts.

In Sanskrit, mantra means manas (mind) and tri (cross over); a mantra helps us to cross over the waves of the mind. When we give our mind something to focus on, it helps to make the mind still. The mantras in the palm leaf manuscripts contain very powerful ‘seed’ letters, called bijas, which are like PIN numbers to the soul. These powerful seed letters are keys to unlocking the power in your soul. They activate the soul. By repeating them, you are pulled into a deep trance easily and effortlessly. When you are in a deep trance, it means your soul is open and experiencing the bliss of the cosmic energy. These mantras and seed letters are not found anywhere else but in the palm leaf manuscripts.

When you are in a deep trance, it means your soul is open. The energy is flowing in you. When the energy is flowing, circulating, you are in a deep trance. When it stops, this energy circulating process, automatically you open your eyes, returning to your normal state. ~ Sri Kaleshwar


Mantras Increase Your Soul Capability

Human beings, especially on this planet, have unbelievable powers inside them but they don’t know how to pull them out or how to use them in a proper way. The only way to bring out that knowledge, healing capacity, and tremendous energy is to totally connect your soul to the cosmic energy. The sages gave different types of Vedic mantras as a way to increase this soul capability. Each mantra brings super energy vibrations and makes your mind’s thoughts operate in a proper way – knowing what is good, what is bad. They help a lot. The real meditation happens when you get one of these beautiful mantras from a master. ~ Sri Kaleshwar

Once you activate the energy in your soul through the bijas, abilities start to flow. You can connect to the angels, you can start to know the past, present, future; you can change a person’s fate, their karma, in a positive way; you can heal not only their mental stress and psychiatric problems, but any negativity that is damaging their lives, their business or their family; you can change a person’s mind to stop them killing someone.


Manifesting Your Desires Through Mantra + Yantra

“Using the mantra and yantra together is like using high supernatural power." ~ Sri Kaleshwar

A yantra is a diagram of the soul. Every soul has its own yantra, its energetic blueprint. It is a geometric drawing of the energy of the soul that you see in your third eye. It is the soul’s logo. When you combine yantra and mantra together it creates a kind of a nuclear reaction, like gas to flame. You do this in meditation by fixing the yantra in your mind and repeating the mantra. This process generates a new divine energy that manifests in the physical universe according to your intention. This new energy that you generate can be used for anything you want to create, for example, to transform a situation, to help someone or send them healing. It is a way to fulfill your desires. Everything is possible with this process is you are clear of your aim.

The yantra energy is even more powerful than the mantra. For example, when I am doing the Mother Divine meditation, when I want to receive Mother Divine’s energy through the Sri Chakra yantra, I start to draw the vision of Her yantra in my mind. When you start to draw the Sri Chakra in your mind you feel heat and a lot of energy from your Brahma Consciousness (head) throughout your body. Your breathing becomes completely different than normal. In this position when you have such strong, high-energy ability flowing in you, that is the right moment to use the new high divine energy. You can implement that energy for anything. Send it. ~ Sri Kaleshwar