The real enjoyment is when you connect to the cosmic, to God’s energy, to God’s power. That is the real happiness. Drop-by-drop drinking the heaven.


Through the Heart of Our Divine Mother

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There’s an unbelievably huge light hidden in us. When you understand the real truth, then you really understand the creation and Mother Divine.  And you can really understand yourself, where you are, where you came from, what is your next life, what is the real purpose in this lifetime, who you are, and what the real connection is.  ~ Sri Kaleshwar...Learn More


Kaleshwar's Corner

Sri Kaleshwar (January 8, 1973 – March 15, 2012) is the latest incarnation of the Divine Lineage. Sri Kaleshwar dedicated his short life to a global mission: to train supernatural healers and masters to carry healing and enlightenment to the globe; to introduce Shirdi Sai Baba and his spiritual messages to the West; to reawaken the recognition of...Learn More


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We need to know the real truth why we are here. Recognizing the truth, what’s permanent, what nobody can change that. Recognizing the reality is important, otherwise it is a waste of a life. Once you know where you came from you will automatically know where you are going. Between that easily you can understand all the illusions, this great dream.

Ancient Knowledge


Monika's Corner


Nityaananda's Corner


The only useful purpose of the present birth is to turn within and realise the Self.  There is nothing else to do.      ~ Ramana Maharshi





The whole system in creation is always in you, but you don’t know it. You can do wonders, but you don’t know that. You are a part of God, but you don’t know that. Even if somebody says it and you know it, you have to experience it too.

Recognize God Within

Through the teachings and practices revealed in the ancient palm leaf manuscripts every individual can access the divinity within and reach their highest potential. The ancient knowledge is the birthright of humanity and the means that each person can recognize the God within. This information is available to everyone regardless of caste, creed, gender, age or economic status. All souls are equal in God’s eyes. 

Every person has a unique purpose they must find and a special duty, or dharma that must be fulfilled. Through meditation and self-awareness this purpose will become self-evident. Society will become more harmonious when people discover and fulfill their unique purpose.

Sri Kaleshwar on Enlightenment

Something you have to know, what it is that? That is a spark! Where is that spark coming in you? Your heart needs to really strongly fall in love with the Divine Mother, with God, to know who you are. 

Wake up! Wake up! You don't want a normal simple life. You know who you are, what is the greatness of supernatural spirituality, the secrecy hidden in Nature, the secrecy of consciousness, what is birth, what is death, where is the beginning, where is the ending. You need to learn this. 

Something real is hidden in you. Some nectar is hidden in you but you’re not tasting that. That nectar you have to pull out, taste it, and keep tasting it. Like a feeling, the reality feeling, somewhere a deep connection is there. The reality, you feel it, you smell it, you taste it – that you need to enjoy. Something is in you that you’re not able to see, that you have to enjoy. You and the divine, that link is the reality forever and ever. That is the Satchitananda, pure pure crystal divine love. 

The real purpose of life is to know the truth of why we’re here. Before you drop your body, try to see the reality. Do whatever you want and at the same time think, what is the purpose that you came here? What is the life message you want to give the planet? Each soul has to be a great scientist, a soul scientist. You have to discover something then give your own style of message. 

We all came from that greatness but we are ignoring our greatness. We feel we are in darkness. No way. There’s an unbelievably huge light hidden in us. Through certain processes you have to bring that energy up then everything will be possible for you to recognize yourself. 

I am teaching the divine tradition. It isn’t limited to, or doesn’t belong to any one religion. Religions are different, languages are different, but the language of the heart is the same. My language is the language of the heart. My symbol is pure love along with the simple five elements.