2018 Shivaratri: Night of Awakening 

Rudra Fire Homa




"The energy of Shivaratri - that one day is enough to lift your soul to a pretty high level.” ~ Sri Kaleshwar

Rudra Homa

Shivaratri Night

Tue, February 13, 2018

3-6 pm Pacific 

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"If you’re smart in the Shiva energy during these couple of days (Shivaratri), making the focus, you can cut off the string of negativity from many, many lifetimes. It can go out. 

That’s why they call it a Shiva lingam, there is no beginning, there is no ending. Shiva’s the right person. He always sits in a deep vairagya stage. At the same time, He’s unbelievably more powerful than Brahma, than Vishnu. Brahma and Vishnu also have to meditate for Shiva’s blessing." 

~ Sri Kaleshwar


Shivaratri is the one night of the year when Shiva wakes up from his meditation to bless His devotees.  Meditating on this night is said to be equal to meditating a million nights. You can gain tremendous spiritual power. Experience the energy yourself!

When Shiva manifests in you, you experience oneness with Shiva, Shivoham, the awareness ‘I am Shiva’. This awareness comes when we invoke Him, “Mahadeva, awaken my consciousness. Let me recognize you in me. Radiate through me.”

The Puranas describe the first Shivaratri, when the cosmic explosion called ‘Big Bang’ occurred and Shiva descended as an infinite shaft of light extending from the sky to earth. Each year, on the night of Shivaratri, a reflection of this explosion happens and intense cosmic energy radiates on the planet. Shiva makes His descent to the earth plane to bestow grace and consciousness in His devotees.


Rudra Homa on Shivaratri Night

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

3-6 pm Pacific 

Free Live Streaming  

Watch on divinelineage.org, YouTube and Facebook


The Rudra Homa is a pure Shiva process to clean out all karma. Shiva is the character to bless His devotees with this - He is Bhola Shankara. He is the universal father and giver to all.

Participate in a powerful Rudra Homa, a sacred fire ceremony, on Shivaratari night to connect to Shiva and receive freedom from karma from the Universal Father.


Offer a Coconut to Shiva During the Rudra Homa  

Be Free of What is Holding You Back

Shiva is the one who will take blocks, limitations and problems from you. Unworthiness, insecurity, guilt, feeling left out, all angles of torturing yourself. Shiva is Nilakanta, the blue throated one who drinks the poison to protect humanity.  

Offer a coconut to Shiva with your prayers of what you need to be free of in order to experience your true self.  Give your problems to Him.  Shiva will remove the poison from you.

The ancient healing technology of a fire ceremony works in such a way that you don’t have to be physically present,  or watch  the live  broadcast as it's happening,  to receive benefits.