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Kaleshwar Volume 1 



Studying the sacred language of Telugu has brought a new depth of understanding to my spiritual practice and the culture from which it was born. It is a beautiful language that is founded in human relationship to the five elements. It is the language of the divine mother and my study of it has brought me closer to Her. C. M. S., Laytonville, CA

Learning Telugu is an important part of both my spiritual and academic life. It has been one of my biggest ambitions to learn Telugu and finally start that journey was an amazing feeling. In addition to the joy of reaching a goal, I was surrounded by a warm, helpful, and supportive professor and classmates. I. T., Seattle, WA


Gobal Sacred Fire For Peace New Year's Eve 2016




Ancient Solutions for Today’s Problems

Learn Telugu! It’s not me writing this book. Thousands of years back, they wrote it with powerful channels. With this knowledge, we can change the spiritual belief system on the planet in a beautiful way. We can change the globe in a beautiful way.

The Telugu language is at the very heart of Sri Kaleshwar’s life mission. The knowledge he taught comes from ancient palm leaf manuscripts written predominantly in Telugu. For many years Sri Kaleshwar begged his students to learn this sacred language. Hidden in these palm leaf books, some dating back thousands of years, are incredible knowledge and enlightenment techniques which saints have been practicing, perfecting, and passing down master-to-student for hundreds of generations.

This ancient knowledge was written at a time when people understood that for every problem there is a solution. These manuscripts carry effective, practical solutions for the problems humanity is facing today. Authored by holy men and women who dedicated their lives to researching the deeper universal truths of life and the nature of creation, this knowledge is not given in parables or allegories but rather in formulas that have been tested and proven over thousands of years.


To remove the darkness, there is only one thing - the knowledge. Once, if you, have the minimum knowledge, the real knowledge, your life is a wisdom. It’s a really big wisdom. You have to utilize it. One day, this information will come out. I am going to put it out.





These solutions create reproducible and predictable results. Until now the revelations recorded on these palm leaves have been protected, held in secret and only shared with a few. To relieve the suffering of humanity Sri Kaleshwar dedicated his life to sharing this knowledge with the world. The solutions contained in these palm leaves are simple and relevant today - herbal cures for cancer, healing techniques for physical and mental illness, addiction, depression, and heartbreak. There are a wealth of remedies that will help everyone today and into the future.


I am so angry at many saints, crazy saints. Why didn’t they create the strongest people the strongest souls? Instead, they kept it all only for themselves… I disagree with that 100 %. It is crazy. It’s a huge deception and egoism…I want to break that. It’s a big crime to make you a prisoner in a spiritual prison…My happiness is when you really get the success - that’s my selfishness. Stop slavery. Stop studentism. Love your master. Love your friend. Love everything. Go see the reality.



Sri Kaleshwar was a true spiritual revolutionary. He wanted to abolish the 'traditional studentism' of religious hierarchy and dogma. It was Sri Kaleshwar’s deepest desire for this information to be shared with the world by people who are able to read and understand the palm leaves. He wished for his students to share the sacred knowledge of the palm leaves with comprehension and understanding, so the knowledge would remain accurate and protected. Today's students are a living representation of this ancient knowledge.

The ancient knowledge has been practiced by the great master that came before us including Jesus, Mother Mary, Shirdi Baba, Buddha, Ramakrishna Parmahamsa, Ramana Maharishi, and many others. Sri Kaleshwar dedicated his life to make this knowledge available to everyone today.

Jesus learned though the palm leaf manuscripts. Over thousands of years, any saint who received the power learned the techniques though the palm leaf manuscripts. Period. The manuscripts have that ability. The ancient spiritual formulas are true knowledge, having manuscripts with you is like having a Bible, a Bhagavad Gita, a holy book, a divine energy with you. Your soul is connecting to a power object. The first master is India. The highest spiritual people came to India and received the supernatural powers and left.



This ancient knowledge contains divine solutions to problems found in every aspect of human life today. Practicing this knowledge unlocks the full human potential hidden in each person’s consciousness. These sacred formulas provide solutions and remedies to create, health, prosperity, success, and happiness. Implementing this knowledge will change our lives and bring greater love, compassion, and consciousness. The world desperately needs this knowledge now.

My real dream is when you’re able to read Telugu to know what’s inside the palm leaf books... On the day the maharshis and saints sacrificed their souls, completely dedicated to the nature and to the Father and Mother. They researched and discovered something and put it in the (palm leaf) books…Please try to hire top Telugu/Sanskrit professors, take the time, learn and translate the knowledge, release that quite amazing information to the globe.


Ongoing Telugu Courses Offered Through Divine Lineage

Study this Sacred Language 

To help fulfill Sri Kaleshwar’s desire, Divine Lineage is committed to fostering and supporting the learning of this sacred language. In 2012 Divine Lineage began offering a beginning Telugu online course called Sacred Telugu for any and all who would like to learn. Students around the world are able to learn Telugu in their home through this online course. Many students who began learning Telugu through this course are still attending weekly classes.

In the summer of 2015, with the help from hundreds of donors around the world, Divine Lineage was able to raise enough money to send seven students to the University of Wisconsin, Madison for a two month intensive course in beginning Telugu. The teacher of this course turned out to be a renowned Telugu poet and scholar named Dr. Afsar Mohammad. Dr. Afsar is currently recognized as a true luminary in Telugu literature and academia. By divine providence, he and his family had lived for several months in the Penukonda ashram at Sri Kaleshwar’s invitation in 1998-1999 while Dr. Afsar was working on “Festival of Pirs”, a book describing South Indian Sufi religious tradition that focuses specifically on Baba Fakruddin and demonstrates how Penukonda has in recent times become a seminal Sufi and Muslim pilgrimage site.

Meeting Dr. Afsar was an unexpected bonus from the 2015 University of Wisconsin, Madison Telugu Intensive and he is now working directly with the intermediate Telugu students who first started studying Telugu through Divine Lineage in 2012 and 2013.

By the the beginning of 2017 there will be a group of Sri Kaleshwar students reading, writing, speaking and translating university-level advanced Telugu and poetry.


Become a Student of the Ancient Knowledge Today!

Telugu Courses Offered Through Divine Lineage

Sacred Telugu - Beginning

A nine-month course with a 90-minute live online sessions twice a week. The first 6-8 weeks is dedicated to learning the Telugu alphabet and be able to read and write in Telugu.

During the remaining seven months we will learn University Level Beginning Telugu grammar, vocabulary, reading, writing and speaking. The primary focus of this course is Telugu speaking and conversation and by the end of this course you will be able to express yourself and hold a spontaneous conversation in simple Telugu.

All classes are recorded and are available to watch anytime during the course.

Cost $75 per month for eight classes, or 12 hours total. (That’s only $6.25/hour!)

For more information or to register for the next Sacred Telugu course contact us.

Saced Telugu - Intermediate

A nine-month course with a 90-minute live online sessions twice a week. In this course we continue to learn vocabulary and grammar with more focus on writing and translating Telugu. Exercises include giving presentations, both prepared and extemporaneous, writing coherent paragraphs incorporating new vocabulary and grammar, and regular speaking practice with a speaking partner.

All classes are recorded and are available to watch anytime during the course.

Cost $90 per month for eight classes or 12 hours total. (That’s still only $7.50 per hour!)

For more information or to register for the next Sacred Telugu course contact us.


Private Telugu Tutoring

Learn at your own pace and your own level with private or semi-private online sessions tailored to your schedule and customized to fit your needs. All classes are recorded and are available to watch at anytime during the course.

Cost $25/hr

For more information about Telugu tutoring contact us.

COMING SOON! Online 'Beginning Telugu' Video Course 

In order to make Telugu more accessible and convenient for a growing number of people, we are currently creating an online video course for beginning Telugu. The first series of videos will teach you everything you need to know about how to read and write in Telugu. This includes: The correct way to write each letter; the correct pronunciation of each letter; how to combine vowels with consonants; double consonants, and how to write and pronounce them correctly. 

The second series takes your new found skills and expands upon them by giving you exercises that will have you reading simple Telugu words and, before you know it, learning to speak some simple sentences. 

Starting with the third series of videos you will begin to learn situational vocabulary through short conversations that also introduce new grammatical concepts. All the essentials needed for your next trip to Andhra Pradesh! 

Whether you would like only to read and write in Telugu or want to become fluent in Telugu, the support and inspiration of a group is much more efficient and fun than doing it alone.

About the Teacher

Mark 'Ramakrishna' Jenkins first met Sri Kaleshwar in 1997 and soon after moved to Penukonda, India to study and practice the ancient knowledge shared by Sri Kaleshwar. Ramakrishna teaches Beginning and Intermediate Telugu online. He is certified by Sri Kaleshwar to heal, mentor, give shaktipat transmission and teach the ancient enlightenment techniques.